What kind of pot, what kind of lid, as long as you’re happy.

I slowly put my phone down today when I saw the following comment on a nostalgic tweet, “The story of San Mao and José is the story of a typical Eastern elite woman and an average Western man”.

I thought of a time when I wanted to look something up, and opened the comments section of Douban’s “Vanishing Horizon”, and saw a very forward high praise bad review, “the story is lackluster, embodies the arrogance of the white man”. I wanted to stop: though but the author of …… has already said this himself through the characters?
Last month’s netflix “Emily in Paris” is also the same, the film is a lackluster bubble noodles, but the hot reviews really speak for themselves, in my opinion, the Chinese female Mindy is the most lovely character in the whole film, however, Douban bad reviews, “the rich second generation said that do not want to live in China to see the head of life, is the stereotypical impact on China. “. Me: ???

I feel that the old “class struggle as the program” has permeated back, and now when it comes to overseas struggle, it is the Chinese and foreign struggle as the program; when it comes to domestic struggle only, it is the “capitalists” that is the end of the story. The diode’s thinking has made the world simpler, and the sense of security and satisfaction has increased after the group embraced. Just like this high praise answer about “Japanese and Korean culture is exported to the world, why Chinese culture is not strong overseas”, “We choose independence and security”, “The economic base determines the superstructure. It’s like always”.
On the one hand, they put cultural construction and the economy in opposition to each other, “choosing to engage in economic activities and giving up on cultural activities” (like always), ignoring the fact that cultural activities are originally an important stimulus for the economy. On the other hand, it is said that a strong economy will automatically have cultural influence.

I think the washing nao has been completed, the upper cultural censorship and the lower believe that “the economy is strong cultural output can immediately become good” of the uneducated people is a matching, what pot what cover, you happy.

A few days ago happened to be a circle of friends asked, “planning has come out, 2035 to build a cultural / cultural strong / country, how do you see?” What do I think, can anyone still write simplified Chinese properly in public in 2035? Is it possible to plan out the text/chemistry/state? Is the current weakness of cultural exports, especially the cultural passivity of the official media, really the result of “the economy is not strong enough”? Brother your total GDP this year exceeded 70% of the United States, in the process of your catching up from 30% to 70%, the cultural export capacity is getting worse and worse, the foreign image is getting more and more single, this is the economic decision? It’s not like the raw mks-sm set is stupid!

How many book editions/numbers have disappeared in this decade? Do you know the year from which you started to ask/negotiate a release/publishing agency? Do you know how to decide which publishers and how many plates/numbers to give the following year? If you don’t know this, you should know that no one in the Jane medium world can speak properly now, right? Is the culture regulated? Was it planned out? Is it possible that all the famous passages are conference drafts drafted by the Ministry/Minister of Culture?

Speechless sub, might as well believe in entry/gateway studies, fuck.