Will Hong Kong’s embrace of Trump make Americans laugh?

The Hong Kong netizens support Trump in large numbers, and overseas Americans, Canadians, and Hong Kong Canadians are very nervous, pointing out that the American people on both the East and West coasts support Biden, and others also support the protest movement in Hong Kong; if Hong Kong people shout for their opponents in large numbers, they will be unhappy and think that you have not seen.

However, so what if they are not happy? You are free to disagree, and the people of Hong Kong are free to say things that would upset the Biden fans of the East and West coasts of America.

And the Biden fans, at this point, have forgotten the Voltaire quote they keep quoting: “I don’t agree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.

This is the hypocrisy of the Western White Left and its trailing Yellow Left.

There is a panic that Biden will come to power and take revenge on the people of Hong Kong. Really? Then retaliation is fine, you can join Pelosi in announcing: a U-turn to support Hong Kong’s version of the National Security Law, support the re-election of Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, and call on the American Chamber of Commerce to not only stay, but to help report to China the so-called yellow filaments who have made pro-Trump statements.

But will the Biden administration? Japanese netizens are also overwhelmingly supportive of Trump. Why is Biden on the phone with the Japanese prime minister, but not with Japanese netizens: he went so far as to announce that the U.S.-Japan alliance is still in effect and that the defense covers the Senkaku Islands, aka Diaoyutai, which are shared by the U.S. and Japan?

The Chinese people look at the world, not only this childish, and for foreigners, there is a kind of genetic fear, so deduced that “if you are too eager to express support for Trump, you will offend the next President of the United States, so that the American people think you are stupid and ignorant.

However, if people all over the world like Trump, they can express it to their heart’s content, regardless of whether the American people like to hear it or not.

Will knowledgeable people in America find you childish? Joke. In the late 1940s, American Truman, Marshall, Fei Zhengqing Chinese think tank, Stillwell, liberal scholars, and a white American left gum intellectual, Li Dunbai, all disliked the then Republican President Chiang Kai-shek, believing that if Mao’s peasant regime came to power, he would achieve multi-party parliamentary democracy in China and would be better than the dictator Chiang Kai-shek.

At this time, Chinese intellectuals, such as Hu Shih, Fu Sinian, and Liang Shiqiu, saw such parochialism on the American left, and shook their heads with a sneer as well.

The business community in Shanghai, including the owners of Shaw’s Tianyi Company, Yongan Company and Sincere Company, as well as many big capitalists who later moved south to Hong Kong and Taiwan, also found the East Coast’s views on Mao’s peasant revolution very naive.

Would the U.S. left then have stopped talking because its comments would offend the high-end intellectual population of the ROC? No, they don’t. They thought they were above the fray, that they knew more about the world and China’s next step than “you Chinese”, and that Fei Zhengqing and others thought he knew more than Hu Shih.

What was the result? The stupidity of the American left led to a series of short-sighted decisions by the Truman administration, which led to their next generation being brutally drafted on American campuses and buried in Vietnam twenty years later. This was the price and retribution for the arrogance of the East Coast intellectuals.

Nationalist aesthetician Zhu Guangshen once published “our three attitudes towards an ancient pine”, pointing out that the same pine tree, botanist, timber merchant, painter, there are scientific, practical, aesthetic three angles.

American intellectuals hate Trump at home, it’s your business, Trump may have insulted McCain and captured American troops, and Americans are outraged and have no right to decree that Hong Kongers and Japanese netizens must share their hateful anger at Trump.

Just as American actress Jane Fonda, who was once anti-Vietnam War, praised the Viet Cong and supported Ho Chi Minh, and later joined the angry Chinese refugees in Vietnam, also finds Jane Fonda stupid or angry about her stupid comments, but does Jane Fonda care?

As a Chinese in the Far East who witnessed the Khmer massacre in Khmer Rouge, I also find the Marxism of American college professors and the worship of Ch’uwara and even Mao Zedong very heinous and offensive to Asian sensibilities. Why don’t these people just shut up? Because they say they look at the course of history and have a different perspective, they think Marxism is an ideal that should be given enough time to experiment with yellow Asians and white Americans don’t mind.

So you hate your Trump, Who Cares?The world’s audience has no right to vote, but it has the right to make a cheer. The people who shouted across the ocean to the Far East to announce the so-called “don’t support Trump indiscriminately, because it will make the insightful people in the United States laugh” in spite of the face of the Americans have a deep sense of national inferiority.

They subconsciously think that they are the house slave of the Biden Democratic Party. House slaves are genetically adept at reading the faces of their masters. They are afraid that a Hong Konger from out of the Pacific will offend their master with his comments.

I’m not surprised. Such people have gone to foreign countries, and some study and mix up degrees from American colleges, but in their marrow genes they are inherently Chinese.