Dai Youwen’s “reactionary” remarks

“The Great Leap Forward is not a leap forward, it is a leap backward, it is a great leap of Life, and many people have died.”

“The department store has become a peddling company, not selling.”

“Factories in capitalist countries are called closing down, we call it dismantling, workers in capitalist countries are called unemployment, we call it decentralization, it is not the same thing.”

“The Great Leap Forward is that the good land is planted alkaline, the long land is cut short, the shortcut is far away, the young people are hungry and sick, and the women are not productive.”

“Three red flags to say red? It is also bloodstained.”

“The Central Committee is wrong, the Central Committee is left-leaning people in power.”

In 1962, the Central Committee of the Party proposed that “the main reason for the difficulties in the previous years was due to the three consecutive years of natural disasters, the shortcomings and mistakes in the work and the result of revisionist perfidy.” After reading the newspaper, Dai Youwen said, “This is to divert the attention of the whole nation.

“In the past, it was half a year of chaff and half a year of grain, now it is half a year of chaff and half a year of chaff.”

“The Soviet Union withdrew experts because we scraped five winds and blew cattle, people Soviet experts can not work here, so they left.”

“The Soviet Union said we are what society, we say he is revisionist, people also say we are revisionist miles, we all say people are bad, people also say we are bad miles.”

“The anti-revisionist struggle is to ease domestic conflicts.”

This was said in the 1960s by a man named Dai Youwen, who was a technician at the Agricultural Institute in Jining, Shandong Province, and attended Shandong Agricultural College from 1952 to 1959, having been sent to university on bail.

My first feeling about Dai Youwen’s remarks is that he is thoughtful. His remarks and views are what we now think about the Great Leap Forward after decades of historical sedimentation, which is very remarkable and one has to admire.

First of all, in those days when extreme leftist thinking was extremely prevalent, not many people dared to speak the truth, and he spoke. “I see that the people’s communes are run early, the Great Leap Forward is not a leap forward is a leap backward, is a great leap of life, leap dead many people.” “Three red flags to say red? It is also stained with blood.” The Great Leap Forward brought unprecedented disasters to China, tens of millions of people were starved to death, and the normal economic construction was interrupted, but the public opinion at that Time reported the good situation of “satellite” in agricultural output and “hot” in steel making. In a sea of praise, inappropriate speech can lead to death.

Secondly, Dai Youwen said these words after seeing the evil results caused by the Great Leap Forward. As an agricultural technician, he should not believe in the so-called saying that the yield is more than 10,000 jins per acre more than others, nor would he believe that the so-called continuous natural disasters and the revisionist perfidy (the Soviet Union forced debts on China) are the causes of such evil results. He believed that the real cause was the violation of the laws of nature and economy, and that it was a man-made disaster, that “left-leaning people were in power”, that “good land was planted alkaline, that long land was planted short, and that the shortcut was taken too far”.

Thirdly, Dai Youwen has a very keen sense of the overall situation and sees the problem to the core, pointing out that the difficult situation in the country has led to instability in people’s hearts and threatened the stability of the regime, whether it is anti-revision or various reasons to explain such a situation, it is just to divert people’s attention and ease the contradictions in the country. On this point, Dai Youwen’s vision of the problem is really hot, and interestingly, it is also a vision that the authorities have cultivated with years of class struggle concepts.

The above is my initial understanding of such a critical material, at this point in the article, I suddenly have another view: as an ordinary agricultural scientist, his words are a unique understanding of the words of a highly educated intellectual, or as a common voice of ordinary Chinese people? Who could believe that it reached 120,000 jins? Who did not know clearly what kind of steel was produced by small blast furnaces and clay methods? A clear account is hidden in the hearts of the people, but they dare not talk about it! How many people got into trouble for the anti-rightist movement before the Great Leap Forward, and how many people dared to say anything about the 1959 Great Leap Forward, when General Peng, who was the Minister of National Defense, was branded as the leader of the “anti-party group” for speaking the truth? Therefore, I admire Dai Youwen’s courage to speak out the voice of the people at that time, although the result was just as imagined, and he was criticized.

No power can deprive the people of their thinking, and no “foolish” speech can fool the intelligence of the people.

This “criticism” material was obtained from Kong.com last month, the original product of the old typewriter, full of the characteristics of the times between the lines. Unfortunately, there is only one copy of this material, so I don’t know what happened to the main character.