White rats? Chinese vaccine can not be given to the elderly in their own country, the elderly in the recipient countries have priority

China is administering the Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)) vaccine to “key populations,” but has set an age limit of 18 to 59 years, saying this is because other age groups need to wait for “further clinical trials. However, in countries receiving the Chinese vaccine, the elderly are generally given priority, ranking first or second in the vaccination queue, fearing that they will be reduced to white mice in Chinese experiments, a double standard that has also sparked public discontent in China.

Some of the vaccines developed in China have entered human clinical trials without even releasing the data from the phase 1 animal trials, and China has engaged in a wave of high-profile “vaccine diplomacy” without any of the completed clinical trials. China is currently not allowing people over the age of 60 to receive the vaccine on the grounds of the lack of relevant clinical trial results, which has resulted in the Chinese vaccine not being available to the elderly in their own country, while the elderly in recipient countries are given priority.

Bloomberg pointed out that China is different from many other countries in how it handles the vaccination of the elderly with the Wulong vaccine because, in addition to the fact that the Chinese vaccine has not been tested in clinical trials in people over 60 years of age, China’s “vaccine diplomacy” has consumed a large amount of vaccine production.

The inability of Chinese seniors to get the Wu Lung vaccine has sparked public discontent. A Tianjin resident surnamed Wang told the Voice of America, “What does this mean? Is it to implement (WHO Secretary General) Tan Desai’s speech and reflect the spirit of international unity against the Epidemic?”

The resident said he did not rule out the possibility that authorities in recipient countries would prioritize vaccinations according to their own national conditions, but that these countries should also comply with Chinese vaccination administration norms, and that vaccinations against Chinese vaccines are not appropriate for people over 60 and under 18 years old.