Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and Coast Guard joint training swords to China’s maritime police ships

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force announced on February 26 that it will conduct a joint training with the Coast Guard in the western waters of Kyushu on March 3, envisaging a response to suspicious vessels heading for important facilities such as nuclear power plants. Public opinion: This is because China has been implementing the “Marine Police Law” that allows the use of weapons against foreign ships since February 1, and has repeatedly entered the area of the Diaoyu Islands that Japan considers “territorial waters” since February 6, and almost always chases Japanese fishing boats, the joint training between the Self Defense Force and the Coast Guard has the implication of holding China back.

According to the Maritime Self-Defense Force, the Sea Self frigate “Sawamu”, missile boat “Daigaku”, two patrol helicopters will participate in the training, while the Coast Guard sent patrol boats “Aso “and “Phoenix”. Both sides will confirm the procedure of jointly tracking suspicious vessels until they stop.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi hinted at a press conference on February 26, if the Chinese Coast Guard Bureau and other attempts to force landing in the Diaoyu Islands, and The Japanese side according to the other side’s attitude that this behavior is “vicious crime”, the Self Defense Force may also implement the use of weapons to suppress the other side’s resistance to the “dangerous shooting “. Nobuo Kishi pointed out: “The action taken by the Marine Police Bureau’s vessels will vary. Specific judgment will be made based on individual circumstances.”

The Japanese government also pointed out that if a Chinese public vessel takes away the crew of a marine security patrol vessel or a Japanese fishing vessel around the Diaoyu Islands, etc., it can be stopped under Article 18 of the Maritime Security Agency Law when “human Life and body are at stake”. If an unmanned aircraft is released from a Chinese public vessel, the Maritime Self-Defense Force can respond as an airspace violation.

It is also reported that in order to correspond to the Chinese Coast Guard Bureau’s more than 1,000-ton marine police ships have more than twice the size of Japan’s, the largest of which is more than 12,000 tons, the large patrol ship “Hiroshi”, which belongs to the Japanese Kagoshima Coast Guard Department, sailed into the port of Kagoshima in Kagoshima City for the first Time on the 26th. This is Japan’s largest tonnage patrol ship, the ship can carry helicopters, but also equipped with machine guns, the ship is to strengthen the Diaoyu Islands and other outlying islands and distant waters and the new construction of the police.