Commemorating the February. February 8 incident Cai Ing-wen: democratic freedom can not be exchanged

Taiwan today commemorates the 74th anniversary of the Feb. The 74th anniversary of the February 28th Incident. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen described the February 28th incident and authoritarian rule that cost Taiwan a generation of its elite, and has left the living afraid to speak out…. She stressed that now Taiwan needs to adhere to democratic freedom can not be exchanged.

According to the Central News Agency, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen today 28 in Kaohsiung Museum of History to participate in the memorial ceremony. She stressed the need to remember to honestly face history, fully protect human rights, and adhere to democratic freedoms cannot be exchanged. She called on Taiwanese people to unite to define their own history and let the flowers of freedom and democracy bloom all over the beautiful island.

In response to the social trauma caused by the February 28 crackdown, Tsai said that, coupled with the subsequent authoritarian rule, Taiwan has lost a generation of elites, and those who have left have no way to speak; those who are still here have become afraid to speak, and the word February 28 has become a social taboo. The “Qiaotou Incident” and the “Beautiful Island” incident in Kaohsiung eventually became the key to “democratization”.

In addition, the KMT, which is no longer an authoritarian party, still has to face the February 28th incident, which is a huge part of its history. The KMT is no longer an authoritarian party, but now it still has to face the February 28th Incident, which is a huge historical negative asset of the party. Current KMT Chairman Jiang Qichen said today that the pursuit of “transformation-justice” should not be a label “purge” of any group of people in Taiwan society.