Montana 30 cars crashed into a mess, 2 people jumped off a bridge to escape serious injury

On February 21, 2021, a 30-vehicle pileup occurred on the Yellowstone River Bridge in Montana, U.S., due to icy road conditions. (Photo taken from Montana Highway Patrol Facebook)

The accident occurred in Rockwood, Montana, on I-90 east of the Yellowstone River Bridge’s Rockwood exit, causing a partial closure of I-90.

The temperature at the scene was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit (about 1.1 degrees Celsius) or less. Fox News reported that a female driver revealed that she was trying to apply the brakes to avoid hitting a car that had stopped in front of her, but didn’t expect a semi truck to hit her from behind, resulting in everyone becoming like a bumper car.

A large number of first responders rushed to the scene and helped people get out of their cars. According to the Montana Highway Patrol (MHP), two people jumped off the bridge to avoid being hit by a car, the MHP confirmed. Both people are in serious condition, but are expected to recover.

The last two vehicles involved in the crash were towed from the scene around 2:05 p.m. Saturday.

Texas was affected by the weather recently when there was a terrible accident in which 133 vehicles crashed into each other, resulting in a tragic death of six people. Now there is a similar situation in Montana, a total of 30 vehicles crashed together, and it is judged that the ice on the bridge is what caused the chain of accidents.