To Man Chak’s sourness to the Chinese Communist Party called on Hong Kong people to support Taiwan pineapple

The General Administration of Customs of the Communist Party of China suddenly announced on February 26 that Taiwan pineapples are infested with pests and diseases, and will suspend imports from March 1. Once the news came out, it triggered a hot debate in the international community. The Hong Kong star Du Wenze 27 in Facebook sour Chinese Communist Party, and called on Hong Kong people to support Taiwan pineapple.

On the eve of Taiwan’s pineapple season, the Chinese Communist Party’s customs announced a surprise suspension of imports of Taiwan pineapples from March 1, claiming that “repeatedly intercepted quarantine pests”, leading to questions about the “political blockade”. The Hong Kong star Du Wenze 27 in Facebook fierce acid Chinese Communist Party: “actually have the nerve to say that other people’s products have problems, how the quality of your products, a long Time ago well-known international reputation, OK!

To also published a number of posts in support of Taiwan: “In fact, as long as you have been to Taiwan, will know that the quality of local agricultural products is no less than Japan, which is the result of years of efforts and government support for Taiwan farmers.”

People in Taiwan, Du Wenze revealed that he will produce Taiwan spicy duck blood, and is determined to dive into research to import what he considers the best Taiwanese agricultural products to Hong Kong. In addition to supporting Taiwanese farmers, they can also enjoy high-quality, healthy and delicious Food.

Du Wenze called on Hong Kong people to support Taiwan farmers: “If you want to support Taiwan pineapples and can not buy, you can buy pineapple crisp and dried pineapples produced in Taiwan, in the same boat.”

Is filming a new program in Taiwan, Du Wenze, recently visited the Hong Kong people who moved to Taichung. These from Hong Kong “yellow store” boss, in sharing Life when the introduction, often have local police officers at Home.

He asked, “What are they doing here? Do you want to make trouble?” These Hong Kong people replied, “No! They know that we are a yellow store, afraid that someone will come to make trouble, to protect us!” Chapman To exclaimed: “Thanks to the Taiwan police!”

The “yellow store” refers to Hong Kong store owners who support the “anti-China” concept, and in the already devastated Hong Kong, the “yellow store” is now often harassed by police officers at home. Therefore, for the warm story of Taiwan police officers described by Du Wenze on Facebook, Hong Kong netizens responded, “Hong Kong people now really can’t believe it!”