Biden has another disastrous day in Texas “What am I doing here?”

The Gateway Pundit reported Saturday that Biden had another disastrous day in Texas, where his dementia seems to be getting worse. And the liberal media won’t report that to the masses.

Joe Biden had another disastrous day in Texas on Friday, the report said.

Of course, once again, the liberal media hid this from their viewers.

The report sarcastically stated that Biden traveled to Houston, Texas with his counselor, Dr. Jill, but she was unable to save Joe from his mid-stage dementia.

Joe was confused and disoriented, and even admitted it in a short speech.

In the speech, Joe Biden said, “Lizzie Pennelly, uh, excuse me, Pennelly, uh, what am I doing here? I’m forgetting, and… And, Mayor (Turner) Turner, my Family‘s been in Houston for a long Time. And, hey, John Eddy (John Eddy), how are you, man, I didn’t see you there …… (cough)