The Chinese Communist Party introduced the crime of assault on police netizens: police beatings how to convict?

Recently, the Supreme Court of the Communist Party of China and the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the adoption of the “crime of assaulting police officers,” which will be considered a violation of criminal law for those involved in related acts. However, some netizens cited some widespread police brutality and asked, “How can police officers be convicted of assault?

According to a February 27 report in the party media People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s Criminal Law Amendment (XI) will come into effect on March 1, adding more than 20 new crimes, including the crimes of impersonation, throwing objects from a height, insulting the national flag, national emblem and national anthem, infringing on the honor and reputation of heroes and martyrs, and assaulting police officers.

After the news came out, some people questioned the so-called “assault on police officers” and so on.

According to the regulations, “violent attack” on police officers who are performing their duties, sentenced to 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment, detention or control; the use of firearms, control knives, or to drive a motor vehicle crash and other means, seriously endangering their personal safety, sentenced to 3 years to 7 years of fixed-term imprisonment.

In response, some netizens suggested, “In fact, the scale of police enforcement should also be clearly defined.”

Others asked, “Then how are you convicted of being beaten by the police?”

“The police intentionally beat the public how to count it, can not resist, resist all assault on the police well? Shanghai delivery man is not deliberately pulled to the corner, was beaten by the public security, there is no following.”

“Since the crime of assaulting a police officer is criminalized, then the corresponding police abuse, violent law enforcement, torture to extract confessions, endangering innocent citizens, should also be criminalized.”

Others said, “The power of the police has been so big, the public prosecution and law inside the police power is the largest. A criminal case, the police is the cooking, the prosecutor’s office is the end of the dish, the court is just eating Food. So much power, but also to set up the crime of assaulting police.”

“It’s ridiculous that no one who has been socially beaten, who has not been exposed to the police, thinks the police are good.”

In fact, since 2017, there have been many cases of Chinese people being arrested just for making critical and abusive comments about police officers online.

For example, Ma Siguang from Shenyang, Liaoning province, was detained for insulting traffic police on Weibo; Zhang Moumou, a netizen from Tieling city, was detained for 10 days for insulting a police officer who died in a car accident; Zhao from Luohe, Henan province, was detained for saying online that he would never kill police officers and that he would be a gravedigger for the Communist Party; “Harbin car owner” was arrested for saying on WeChat that police officers in police stations should be damned The police are also arrested for scolding police officer Qu Yuquan; Yunnan judge Li Bingxiang was suspended for criticizing the traffic police as “showboating” for braving the snow, and so on.

Therefore, for the official determination of the crime of “assaulting a police officer”, some people ask, “I can’t believe it wasn’t there before?” “I always thought there was this crime before.”