Trump Fan Parade Attacked Ivanka Calls Out Mainstream Media for Silence

The “Million MAGA March” was held in Washington D.C. on March 14 to support Trump, but the march broke out in clashes between protesters and counter-demonstrators, many Trump fans were attacked, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump (Ivanka Trump) and son Donald Trump Jr (Donald Trump Jr) were criticized on Twitter, and the mainstream media turned a blind eye to the violence.

The report, which was published in the press, said the majority of the media were unanimous in their silence on the physical attacks against conservatives, which are shameful and dangerous. If the roles were to be switched, there would be criticism and criticism, and the results could be imagined. Ivanka also stressed at the end of the article that “violence is never the answer” and that the instigators should be condemned and prosecuted. The little Trump also tweeted that the media in the past four years Trump supporters called “Nazis”, Trump fans encounter violence, but the media silence, angry criticism of the media is “complicit in violent actions.

Other conservatives have also called on the Democratic Party to condemn the violence, with conservative political strategist Doug Stafford tweeting that he would like to hear Biden and Hogan condemn the radical left-wing criminals who attacked the peaceful protesters, but believes they will not do so, and that the mainstream media will not press them to take a stand.

A large number of Trump fans gathered in Washington on Saturday to accuse the U.S. election of fraud, and hours after the march, a large number of videos of demonstrators and counter-demonstrators clashing appeared on community websites.According to Washington police, after successfully separating the groups, tensions disappeared and at least 20 people were arrested by the evening of the 14th, including on charges of assault and weapons possession.