Who’s the Boss? Biden asked about immigrant children, wife Jill interjects to whitewash policy and correct wording

U.S. media outlet Gateway Pundit reported Saturday that during an interview Biden gave to U.S. Spanish-language media outlet Global TV News on Friday, Dr. Jill Biden not only corrected Biden’s choice of words but also interjected to whitewash the policy during a response to a question about the treatment of migrant children in refugee camps.

The background of the matter is that the Biden Administration, which intends to open the border, reopened a certain child immigration detention center that had been used by the Trump administration to deal with the thousands of illegal child immigrants pouring over the border. Trump was not allowing unaccompanied children to enter the country at the Time, and the Biden administration reversed that policy and allowed children who entered the country illegally to be unaccompanied by adults.

Miami’s Spanish-language outlet Globe TV Newswire asked Biden about this, saying that it had heard from the Washington Post that you were going to be putting up tents on some camp to house the children, and asked Biden if he could confirm this.

Biden replied, “What I can confirm is that more than 70,000, yes, thousands of immigrant illegal immigrants, no, unaccompanied children crossed the border.” Biden’s poor memory was really strong, referring to thousands as over 70,000 and unaccompanied children as illegal immigrants.

Biden went on to say, “We have decided that we are going to place a significant number of them in licensed facilities across the country ……” Licensed facilities refers to refugee resettlement facilities under Biden’s Department of health, not the Trump Administration‘s shelters, which is a glaring error, and Jill Biden immediately referred to the words, “shelters.” Biden, of course, was immediately corrected.

Most importantly, Biden tried to avoid saying “Trump” by name. Biden said, “A sanctuary was opened in Texas, a sanctuary that was previously …… that was used by the previous administration. “Biden is not talking about the Trump administration here.

Placing children in tents in camps, how Biden’s explanation of that didn’t seem to carry enough weight, so Jill interjected, saying, “”This administration is very humane, and we want to make sure that these kids are safe, they get mental health services, they get physical health services, they get Education. So we really care about these kids.”

In fact, the Biden administration treats children who cross the border illegally far better than it treats poor American children. A statement released Monday by the Biden administration’s Health Department reopening the camps for migrant children said the children will receive housing, meals, physical and mental health care, classroom education, recreation, and lawyers. Ironically, the camps will also have off-duty police protection to prevent illegal aliens from entering.

Biden went on to say, “We’re hoping that we’re not going to be placing children in shelters for long periods of time, we’re going to be providing licensed facilities for every child that crosses the border. These children will then be sent to their relatives in the United States. “

The licensed facility Biden is referring to is the Department of Health’s Office of Refugee Resettlement’s camp for migrant children. It is important to note that once children enter the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s migrant children’s camps, they are placed in contact with a parent, guardian or relative, and then the search for a suitable sponsor begins. The vast majority of sponsors are Parents or close relatives living in the United States.

The Gateway Pundit said it was telling that instead of discouraging families from sending their children on the treacherous journey to the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden said, “Send your kids to Uncle Sugar and we’ll take better care of them than you can, and we’ll send them to their relatives in America for free! “In fact, the Biden’s comments are an open invitation.

In other words, according to The Gateway Pundit, the Biden administration would be complicit in the trafficking of immigrant children.