Caution! Joe Biden’s son Hunter cheated on his sister-in-law in an incestuous affair – The great scandal of the son of the President of the United States! cheating sister-in-law incestuous love

Today we have another big melon with a triple whammy, Joe Biden‘s son Hunter, who I’m sure many of you know is the black sheep of the Family, using drugs, drinking, cheating and even getting it on with his sister-in-law while his own brother’s corpse was still cold.

However, the president’s son’s private Life is even more dogged, ugly and messy as a media outlet today exposed chat logs and memos from Hunter’s old discarded computer.

Hooking up with his recently widowed sister-in-law behind his ex-wife’s back

Flirting with his married sister-in-law behind his sister-in-law’s back

The trio had a wild party at his deceased elder brother’s house

Finally cheating stripper also gave birth to a child ….

For fear of confusion, here is a Hunter emotional timeline, we first roughly feel how messy this family:.

May 30, 2015: Joe Biden’s oldest son, Beau, died of brain cancer.

Hunter, Bo, sister-in-law

July 2015: Second son Hunter angers wife Kathryn with another drinking bout and the two separate. Kathryn accuses Hunter of screwing his sister-in-law the day after his older brother’s death.

October 2015: Hunter and Catherine officially split, but did not divorce

with his first wife, Catherine

August 2016: Hunter travels on vacation with his sister-in-law Halle

September 2016: Hunter sends titillating texts to his sister-in-law’s married sister, Sekondi

Fall 2016: this is when Hunter said in an interview that his relationship with his sister-in-law began

Sister-in-law Hayley

December 2016: Hunter’s wife files for divorce

March 1, 2017: Hunter and his sister-in-law go public with their relationship, father Joe Biden gives his blessing

December 2017: Hunter cheats on stripper, woman gives birth to illegitimate son, Hunter reluctantly admits son under the weight of the real hammer

Hunter and his second wife

July 2018: Hunter and his sister-in-law sister rented a room to live together

April 2019: Hunter is revealed to be cheating and breaks up with his sister-in-law

May 10, 2019: Hunter spotted dating South African model Melissa

Second wife Melissa

May 16, 2019: Hunter marries model

May 28, 2019: Stripper sues Hunter for refusing to pay alimony

March 2020: Model’s wife gives birth to son, whom Hunter names after his brother “Bo”

This is a summary, this Time the chat transcripts were revealed to be the most explosive…

Last year, Hunter was also the subject of an official background check because of his father Joe Biden’s involvement in the presidential election. A laptop he dropped off at a Delaware repair store a few years ago became a lead in the FBI’s investigation.

As the investigation got deeper and deeper, the contents of the computer became more and more amazing. Before the newspaper sister told the other contents of the computer, this time not to repeat, after all, we are here to listen to gossip, this time the focus is, Hunter in the ex-wife, sister-in-law, sister-in-law sister between the story of constant circumstance.

Sister-in-law’s sister Elizabeth

Hunter after the death of his brother and sister-in-law together this thing has long been no news, but Hunter has always claimed that the two were more than a year after his brother’s death, because both very grief need spiritual comfort to come together.

At that time, we also said that although a little less acceptable, but also understand the mood of mutual support, after all, we are single, the freedom of love well. But the latest hammer looks like it is not as righteous as he said…

When his brother was alive, Hunter was a serious alcoholic and drug addict, and his first wife was miserable. But the good news is that his brother’s urging had made Hunter determined to quit drinking and getting sober.

The Biden family was devastated by his brother’s death, and two months later, Hunter was kicked out of the house for violating his sobriety agreement with his wife because he was without his brother’s urging to let himself go again.

The couple’s divorce papers state that they officially separated in October 2015, but it wasn’t until the following December that his wife officially filed for divorce. In addition to relapsing into alcoholism, gambling and prostitution. Cheating on his widow’s sister-in-law also played a huge role.

With his first wife

Hunter once “clarified” that he did not hook up with his sister-in-law in a memo to an unknown addressee: “…

“… I don’t know what story you heard to call me a pathological liar, but what really pisses me off is that you believed Kathleen, which really shocked me.’ The day after Uncle Bo died, Dad banged Aunt Hailey (these were Katherine’s exact words when she spoke to me in my daughter’s room tonight)”

Brother’s family

“My oldest daughter told me you confirmed what happened when Kathryn begged me to come Home and I refused. I was begging her to say it was okay for me to sleep in the basement so I wouldn’t be separated, but was told it made her uncomfortable.”

“And Catherine said that even if I spent the rest of my life apologizing, it wouldn’t help.”

“I remember just a month after my brother died, she said it was ridiculous for the whole family to focus on Hallie and her kids. Anyway I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, let me know when you want to talk about it.”

From the language, the message should have been sent to a close family member, who heard that he had been unfaithful to his wife and even cheated on his sister-in-law, and questioned him, while Hunter accused the person of uninformed hearsay. The more likely target is Hunter’s own sister and sister, or Parents.

The text is informative, first indicating that his wife felt something was wrong with his relationship with his sister-in-law shortly after his brother’s death, and that she was estranged from her.

In a previous interview with The New Yorker, he claimed that he and his sister-in-law only became intimate after vacationing together in 2016 and only officially dated in the fall.

But this email shows his wife suspecting that he was having an affair with his sister-in-law just after his brother’s death, so did she pick up on the clues before that? I don’t even know if he had his eye on his sister-in-law when his brother was still alive, which instantly added the incestuous romance to the dogged bridge of cheating on his green brother.

Hunter’s ex-wife and brother

The exposed documents also show that the sister-in-law had emailed Hunter in July 2016, accusing him of betraying himself, which proves that at least the two had been dating before July, smacking Hunter’s claims in the face.

“Hunter, you betrayed me, you constantly betrayed me when I was looking for XXX to try to help you. Not only that, (you bought) Viagra, cialis, and you bought her expensive gifts.”

“I am much stronger than you think and will not tolerate you treating me with such contempt.”

According to records Hunter cheated on a woman in July 2016, but he was unrepentant and actually hooked up with his sister-in-law’s own sister at the same time. And the other woman was still married…

Hunter often sent messages to his sister-in-law’s sister on big nights while he was dating her, and at this point there have been some sexually provocative statements.

A chat log from July 2016, Hunter sent his sister-in-law sister: “Where are you little sao bitch, I miss you.”

In August, I don’t know if he was afraid that his sister-in-law found out that he had an affair with her sister, Hunter suddenly asked his sister-in-law sister to keep a low profile and not tell his sister-in-law about the two of them.

Sister-in-law’s sister: “Hey, just asking how you’re doing, did the meeting go well? Depressed”

Hunter: “A little advice for you, I think you should go with your sister now and feel your conscience. Don’t tell her I texted you, please, it’s better for both of us. I’m going to be driving hopefully by nightfall.”

Sister-in-law’s sister: “Yeah, I know, I’m going.”

But a month later Hunter got bold again and the topic was already a hundred percent, sending his sister-in-law’s sister.

“If we have to get up at 3:00, we should take a shower together to relieve stress via video call every morning or evening, and I’ll teach you how to masturbate.”

“I reckon there might be some misgivings seeing your husband.”

“I’m awake but not out of bed, when you come home tonight, I’ll call you in the shower, love you”

At the time, her sister-in-law’s sister and her husband were separated but not divorced until 2018, when she was officially divorced and also knew Hunter was dating her own sister. These two are really scummy together.

On the left is the sister-in-law’s sister

Sister-in-law’s sister’s husband

The records also mention Hunter telling his sister-in-law’s sister that he had been watching porn all night and was going to buy her panties.

“I got a new pair of panties from lululemon and almost bought you a pair too, but I like the other brand.”

The two flirted in various ways, and the sister-in-law’s sister kept confessing her feelings to Hunter.

She told Hunter she was home alone and to remember to call her. The two of them are in love with each other, and they never refuse each other’s love.

Hunter also said “God you chose him instead of video showering with me! You know, I’m the only prince for you”, to which his sister-in-law responded, “You are indeed”.

It seems Hunter is jealous of his sister-in-law and another man, but his sister-in-law said, “My heart is totally back with you.”

Hunter replied, “Not quite sure how I feel about that yet, but it’s nice to have you give me joy and love in the end …. I think I need the love not only from your sister but from you too… I feel like she’s 100% on my side…”

My sister-in-law’s sister’s reply was confusing: “She will always support you fully! Me too!”

It feels like the sister knows she’s a cheater but wants to step in, and Hunter is even less impressed. And Hunter’s friends said that after these three people get together, often in the deceased brother’s house to have a wild party, every day unconscious lying in the hall.

The group chat within the chat log

And the three also have a group chat, apparently a harmonious family, but in fact chaos into a pot. Hunter repeatedly jumped across between the pair of sisters, the sister did not know, the sister secretly.

The sister-in-law’s sister is not a light, she treats Hunter as an ATM.

The chat logs show her constantly asking Hunter to call her money, saying that the divorce was making her life difficult, and Hunter basically complied every time.

At one point, after Hunter transferred money to her, she even said she received the money, but it wasn’t enough.

The bizarre incestuous love triangle looked pretty stable, and by 2017, Hunter and his sister-in-law were basically a normal couple in the eyes of regular people, going out together. The two people’s feelings on the surface did not change because of the sister’s insertion.

But as it turns out, dogs can’t change, and Hunter couldn’t stay faithful to either of his sister-in-law’s sisters, and he was caught cheating again and again, this time with a stripper.

In a text message from November 2017, Hunter and his sister-in-law got into a fight in which he threatened his sister-in-law with going to extremes himself by saying.

“Tonight I’m going to get 5 strippers naked and admire my dick. Back at the hotel I’m going to smoke weed and drink enough to kill an elephant. Call your kids, wake them up and reassure them that you’re not as bad as you look. We should call together so they can meet their new dad.”

The reason for the fight was not specified, but during this time Hunter cheated on a dancer at a strip joint in Washington that he frequented. A month later, the stripper announced that she was pregnant with his illegitimate child. It’s likely that his sister-in-law found out something.

But the entanglement is still not over, the stripper does not ask for affection only money, and the sister-in-law forgives Hunter again, and so live together until 2018.

The red circle on the right is the stripper

The next operation of Hunter again shocked everyone, this time the leaked documents found. 2018 he has been bold to the point of living with his sister-in-law’s sister in a rented room together.

The sister-in-law’s sister is on the far right

The rental agreement states July 3, 2018, for a one-year lease on a townhouse in suburban Delaware. The tenants’ names are Hunter and his sister-in-law’s sister.

On the other hand, Hunter and his sister-in-law’s relationship was on the rocks. The sister-in-law was caught in the same predicament as Hunter’s ex-wife, unable to stop him from going crazy with alcohol and drugs while having to put up with his constant cheating and eventually proposing a breakup.

On August 2, 2018, Hunter seemed to have agreed to the breakup, but still wanted to save his dignity by asking his sister-in-law not to become a complete stranger to him, writing an email to her telling her.

I need you to stay with me as a friend, but you can fall in love with anyone you like.

I don’t have any other friends that I need as much as you do, I thought we agreed on never separating, I thought we would never get in the way of connecting with our families, never ignore each other without communicating, and we would never make unilateral decisions that cause harm.

The email ended with Hunter saying, “My sister Naomi sent me this (attachment) today. xx When alone with me, no matter what state I am in, please stop letting her think I am a threat to her.”

To speculate, the sister-in-law who thought Hunter would harm and forbade him from having private contact would have been a minor, so most likely one of the two children born to the sister-in-law and Hunter’s brother.

Brother sister-in-law and two children

The news of their breakup was suppressed by the Biden family until 2019, during which time he was secretly dating his sister-in-law’s sister.

After this Hunter kicked his sister-in-law’s sister and was introduced to South African model Melissa a month after the breakup was announced, and the two met for six days before quickly flashing off.

Second wife

Both their children were born in March 2020, too fast to be surprised.

Now Hunter – the president’s son – has successfully married a second time and become the father of five children (three from the first, one illegitimate, and one from the second). Biden says his son has gotten clean and sober and is back to being a man. Perhaps Hunter’s sudden Marriage also had the political image of his father in mind.

But what happens after this? Will he cheat again, hit the strip joint, drink and do drugs, and scare away this wife? It’s hard to say.

After all, he is not a responsible man. Not long ago, he also cried poor, defaulted on child support for his illegitimate son, the woman was sued in court…