Facing sanctions under the National Security Law: Hong Kong’s “Momentum for Democracy” announces its dissolution.

Under the pressure of being prosecuted and imprisoned by Hong Kong‘s National Security Law, the convenor of the Hong Kong pro-democracy group “Democracy Power”, Chiu Ka-yin, issued a statement announcing that it would cease operations and disband with immediate effect.

International media reported on February 27 that the Hong Kong police launched a major arrest of pan-democrats on January 6. 55 people were arrested, including Zhao Jiaxian, District Councilor Zhong Jinlin, and human rights lawyer Guan Shangyi of the Democratic Alliance for Democracy.

A number of pan-democrats who were released on bail pending investigation were scheduled to report to the police station in April, but they, including Chiu Ka-yin, have been notified by the State Security Department that they must report to different police stations earlier. The outside world speculates that they may be prosecuted and immediately arrested and imprisoned.

Zhao Jiaxian said in a statement on the Facebook page of “Democracy Power” that night, in response to the latest developments in Hong Kong, in the new era of political situation, “Democracy Power” has completed its historical task, announced its dissolution.

The statement said that in the future, they will continue to serve the Hong Kong community in different ways and maintain the prosperity of Hong Kong under the framework of the “Basic Law”, “Hong Kong’s national security law” and “one country, two systems”. Stability.

“Founded in 2002, Democracy Power is a civil society organization composed of scholars, professionals and members of political parties, which mainly plays the role of election coordinator for the pan-democratic camp.