Trump gets another “I won” warning, and he clicks on a picture of Biden.

U.S. Democratic candidate Biden announced his victory in the presidential election, but Trump has yet to formally acknowledge his re-election defeat, tweeting earlier, “I won the election! (I WON THE ELECTION!)”.

Trump called it a victory, but the tweet had a Twitter hashtag at the bottom, noting that “official sources say the election results were different,” and clicked on a photo of a smiling Biden and his deputy, Hershey.

Trump’s tweet has already attracted 80,000 responses in just one hour.

He also tweeted the discussion on the net, some netizens put on the stalk diagram, ridiculed Trump like an unreasonable child, out of control shouting that he won, others mocked him by tweeting in the face, laughing that Trump is no longer the official source identified by Twitter, some people frankly said Trump’s tweets make him laugh, and now netizens have tweeted to declare “I also won the election”, “We all! won the election.”