A family of five in Hebei was beaten and seriously injured by neighbors, and Chinese Communist police reacted unexpectedly

Zhang Hao, a man who lives in a neighborhood in Wuqiao County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, had his Family of five humiliated and beaten by four drunken neighbors last year, and Zhang’s 1-year-old son was even beaten until his head was bleeding. In a recent interview with the media, Zhang Hao claimed that he called the police for help after the incident, but the police refused to take his statement or take photos for evidence, questioning the police to cover up the perpetrators, before seeking help from the media.

The incident happened last year, Zhang Hao recalled that he had no prior grudge with his neighbors, was holding his children and his wife on their way Home, but was pestered by the other side, one of them took the lead, the other three then joined the fray, Zhang Hao family tried to escape, but was still dragged to the first floor of the house to continue violence. Zhang’s wife also recalled: “One of them raised the stroller on the ground and smashed it at her husband and child, and the other picked up a stool and smashed it at her husband and child’s head.” She was punched in the head.

When police officers arrived at the scene, the other party even blatantly beat up Zhang’s Parents. Zhang Hao’s family was then sent to hospital for treatment, where his son was too seriously injured and woke up several times in his sleep with convulsions; Zhang Hao had swollen eyes, lips and face, and was covered in injuries.

Zhang Hao also said that the police refused to take his statement afterwards on the grounds of “no shift change, vacation” and so on. Zhang asked the police to take pictures of his son’s injuries for evidence, but also refused. The media on Friday (26) had successfully contacted the case in charge of police officer Kong, but he said he could not disclose the case, asking reporters to contact the local Public Security Bureau Political Office, the reporter then called to inquire, but the other side said they do not understand the incident.