Jewish Rabbi: U.S. High Court Conservative Justices Fail to Fight Filth

High Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett (D-Mass.) is sworn in at a congressional nomination hearing on Oct. 12, 2020.

In an article in the online magazine American Thinker on Friday (Feb. 26), respected Jewish rabbi Aryeh Spero said that conservatives are falling over themselves to get Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett were certified by the Senate to become federal Supreme Court justices. But they come from ivory towers, not from grassroots fighters who can’t fight filth. As a result, they will help conservatives in small cases, but are afraid to offend liberals in major cases.

The translation of Spero’s article is as follows.

Conservatives have worked hard to help Kavanaugh and Barrett become high court justices. Many people like us believed they could become conservatives with a sense of justice like us. We finally have the Supreme Court …… Dreams come true.

Yet, the dream was dashed again! We fought tirelessly for these men, but the great causes we desired were not respected by them.

First, the trio of Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett disagreed to accept the Texas case. The case was introduced by the governors of Texas and many other states, and supported by 100 members of Congress. Voters in the states participating in the proposal were logically disenfranchised because the states that twisted their election laws to ensure victory in national elections effectively invalidated the votes of voters in other states in fair elections. This reasoning makes sense, but the three men and the liberal-leaning judges said that Texas had “no standing” to bring the case.

Of all the lawsuits, the Pennsylvania lawsuit, filed separately and earlier, is the most outrageous. Pennsylvania’s public servants and courts have shamefully stripped the state legislature of its powers. Under the U.S. Constitution, the state legislature has a full and final say in election matters. The Pennsylvania Republican legislature was stripped of its constitutionally granted authority by local Democrats to finally allow the counting of ballots that were not validated or postmarked and received three days after the election. Yet, those three and other liberal judges said, “The case is not actionable until the actual violation occurs.” This gives the Democrats another excuse to cheat as boldly as they did before.

Incredibly, now that the election has taken place, the reprehensible consequences have been realized in reality, revealed, and will have a significant impact on future elections, Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett say the case is “controversial. They say it’s already happened, so it’s too late. In other words, we will never accept this case before or after the election, and we will not recognize it as “qualified. This is a blatant contradiction, dishonesty, evasion of responsibility, and worse, contempt for justice and the average voter.

So far, we have seen how Roberts will help conservatives decide small cases, but on the big and important ones, he will play the law and give the deep state, Obama and the Democrats what they want. Roberts is a key player for them. His public antipathy to Trump is obvious and his decisions reflect this unprofessional aspect of him. Liberals have not turned on their man, but once conservatives have done so often. This is no longer news.

While Kavanaugh and Barrett appear to be “fundamentalists” on constitutional issues, that is academic and theoretical, and they are not conservative activists. They are not the true heirs of Scalia. They may not be America First or classic conservatives either. They come from the ivory tower, not the grassroots, and they are not plain, hardened conservatives. They don’t have an inherent and primal urge to empower the people to take control of their own Destiny and eliminate the injustice done to the average American voter. They are not free from the long-term influence of the elite or elitism itself.

Perhaps they wanted to choose sides on the side of their powerful boss, Roberts. Perhaps Barrett and Kavanaugh don’t want to be seen as in the Trump camp and don’t want to be lambasted in the headlines of the New York Times and the Washington Post. Kavanaugh, whipped and racked and roasted by Democrats at his Senate confirmation hearings, may have learned their warning to him: don’t do anything that will work against us politically or we will once again make headlines by not letting you and your Family off the hook. This is a traumatized victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Perhaps Ms. Barrett wants her child to be accepted to some Ivy League or second-rate, influential school. But admission comes at a price: a part of your soul.

Despite the conservative constitutional “wording” of Barrett and Kavanaugh, they are still “blonde” types, privileged, often admired and admired in the past, not necessarily fighters, and likely to be obsessed with certain social “respect” and gaining the approval of the upper class. Maybe after graduating from high school they never had to bother …… certainly not like Scalia, Thomas or Alito. They’re like the sports stars who were always prominent and popular in school. They’re used to it, expect it, and feel entitled to it.

No doubt they are not liberals like Breyer, Kagan or Sotomayor, who would disagree with them on the Commerce Clause, certain religious freedom issues, etc. After all, conservatives are allowed to support these things without being completely avoided and ostracized. But they may not want to align themselves with the “unsophisticated, deplorable” crowd.

There’s a Yiddish expression for “better mint,” meaning people like Romney or Toomey who don’t want to get their hands dirty. I hope I’m wrong, but I think these two rare conservative judges might be these types of people, a little too clean and puritanical to fight the dirt. They’ll give us bones, not meat.

Note: Aryeh Spero, a Jewish rabbi, is president of Caucus for America. He is the author of Push Back: The Battle to Save our American Judeo-Christian Heritage.