Pompeo: America is the final battlefield and I will fight with you

“America is the last battleground for defending freedom, and if we lose it, we will have nowhere to hide,” former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo quoted President Reagan as saying on Saturday, Feb. 27. He added that left-wing governments are destroying American freedom and America First policies.

Pompeo made the statement during a speech at the Conservative Executive Conference (CPAC) on Saturday. He also said that the next four years will be a test for Americans and that the American people should continue to fight to advance American values and that he will fight with all the attendees.

Pompeo was introduced by his son

Pompeo was introduced to the podium by his son, Nick Pompeo. Pompeo was introduced to the podium by his son, Nick Pompeo. Nick described his father as “a man of character, a man of faith, a man who takes punctuality very seriously.

He (Pompeo) is very strong in his convictions and always tells the truth,” Nick said. And when it comes to defending the freedom and autonomy of every American, he will never back down.”

Americans’ rights come from the creator

Pompeo began by saying he felt at Home seeing the room full of supporters and was grateful that the meeting was not “canceled” by the left.

He said, “Our Founding Fathers knew that they created a nation that recognized that the rights of the people come from the creator, not from any one government.”

The Trump administration’s “America First” policy has benefited the entire world, he said; the Trump Administration has worked tirelessly and successfully to pass on this uniquely American value to the world; the Trump administration has forcefully resisted socialism, resisted the establishment, resisted the global “Culture of abolition ” and refused to allow the erosion of American freedom and autonomy.

This is a noble battle, and we are engaged in it,” he said. I’m proud of our resistance, I’m proud of what we accomplished, and we did raise the bar in the world.”

Pompeo also said the Trump administration has made America’s enemies aware that “if they dare harm the United States, there will be a huge price to pay.” “The Trump administration has also protected America’s borders and brought back the remains of American generals from North Korea; and the Abraham Accords brokered in the Middle East have promoted peace in the Middle East.”

He praised the Trump administration for making the American people aware that their government supports the American people, not is a burden to them, yet the “America First” movement has been dealt a serious blow in the past month.

Leftist policies are a step backwards in removing people’s freedom

Pompeo said with great regret that the current left-wing administration’s policies are weakening America, killing American jobs and destroying America’s children. He said, “This is not the way of a good leader, this is not an America First policy.”

Pompeo questioned the current president’s reference to “America coming back,” “is it back to giving Tehran money so they can build missiles against us? Or back to the Iranians pointing guns at our generals and making our generals kneel and apologize? Or back to scrapping our cornerstone pipeline system in favor of a pipeline system that creates jobs for Europe?”

He said Americans cannot tolerate a return to the days of letting the Chinese Communist Party sign agreements in the United States that killed American jobs, saying, “We don’t need these ‘yesterdays,’ we need to be brave and fearless, and we need to prioritize America.”

He also worried that a left-wing administration would weaken U.S. military spending to support its green programs.

Pompeo also criticized the left’s “culture of cancellation.” He said, “They have taken away our right to liberty and our right to peaceful assembly and censored our speech online, which is completely antithetical to the America that our founding fathers wanted to create.”

America is the last battleground for defending freedom

Pompeo acknowledged that the current state of affairs in the United States is not what conservatives want to see. He urged people not to give up, nor should they. He said, “We must always be true to ourselves, and if all of us do, we will succeed in the end.”

He concluded by saying that because the United States is the last battleground in the world for the defense of freedom, it is up to every American to understand well and use his God-given human right to promote policies that will ensure the security of the American people and humanity by defeating the adversary rather than being defeated.

He concluded, “I will fight with you, God bless you, and God bless America.”