Hunan girl climbed into a cement mixer Dad held out to see the mud collapse

In a recent tragedy in Hunan Province, a 4-year-old girl accidentally broke into a construction site near her Home without a fence to play, and then climbed into an unpowered cement mixer, resulting in severe injuries all over her body, which was then found before being taken to the emergency room.

After examination, it was found that her bones were “all broken”, not only her lungs, liver, lungs and other organs were bleeding, but also her shoulder bone, pelvis and calf bone were severely fractured, and she is still in intensive care unit.

A 4-year-old girl in Hengyang City was playing next door to her home on Feb. 24 when she accidentally entered a construction site and climbed into a cement mixer, causing the machine to start instantly, resulting in severe and Life-threatening injuries to her entire body, and was rushed to the intensive care unit. The girl’s father, surnamed Li, said that the examination found that his daughter’s bones were all broken, not only lung bleeding, liver bleeding, head fractures and cervical vertebrae fractures, even the scapula, pelvis and calf bones are all severely broken.

Lee male grief pointed out that the crowd rushed to disconnect the machine, and notify the couple came to carry the child out, 2 people saw part of the daughter’s body into a puddle of “mush” are also scared silly. Because the site is not set up a fence, the mixer is also unattended, so the site after the incident first came up with 3,000 yuan as compensation, but the Family refused to accept; later changed to 5,000 yuan, but still refused. The initial treatment cost is about 200,000 yuan, and the daughter is not yet out of danger.

The girl’s whole body was severely injured and is in intensive care unit.