Out of poverty results: medical insurance subsidies for villagers in the former poor village of Nanning, Guangxi were cancelled

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has announced its victory in “eradicating poverty across the board,” but there are still a large number of poor people in urban and rural areas who have difficulty finding jobs and eating.

Informed netizens disclosed that on February 26, the village committee of Gu Ming Village in Binzhou Town, Binyang County, Nanning City, Guangxi, issued a notice to villagers that rural cooperative medical care will no longer enjoy state subsidies from March 1, and the annual cost per person will rise from 280 yuan to 720 yuan. Netizens chortle that this is the result of “getting rid of poverty” to farmers.

On Feb. 25, Xi Jinping announced at the National Poverty Eradication Summit that “the war on poverty has been won across the board.

According to Radio Free Asia, Zhejiang lawyer Wu Youshui pointed out that the official high-profile declaration of comprehensive poverty eradication, but the reality is that even in the developed eastern regions, the so-called monthly pension for the elderly who lost their working ability in rural areas is only 78 yuan, while in the more backward regions in the west, the situation is even more severe. But under official pressure, the word “poverty” has become extremely sensitive.

Wu Youshui said: the problem of Food and clothing is not solved, there are still many. These people who have lost their ability to work, retired, 78 yuan. Or from 70 yuan to 78 yuan, a month. Are they poor people? So the Chinese government, this comprehensive poverty eradication, after anyone dares to say that China still has a poor population, that is anti-party, that is subversive of state power.

Netizens say that the monthly pension of 78 yuan. An old man who does not eat or drink for a year can just afford to pay 720 yuan a year for health insurance.

Netizen’s comment.

“The New Agricultural Cooperative has rocketed from ten yuan per person in the first year to 280 yuan RMB this year. Contributions have risen nearly 30 times, but the proportion of farmers going to the hospital reimbursement has not risen at all! Where to reason?”

“University student health insurance is also 280 yuan per year, strange, since the money paid the same amount, why do the components?”

“Big illnesses are not useful, small illnesses can not be used.”

“Whoever cries poverty again is to discredit the country, suspected of provocation!”

“Our county is 340, but after March 1 does rise too much.”

“Pluck the most goose feathers, listen to the least goose.”

“Since out of poverty, of course, we have to pay more fees.”