“CNN Sucks” CPAC Attendee Crowd Surrounds Reporters Chanting

On Friday (26), the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held in Orlando, Florida, and CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was there and received a “warm welcome” from the attendees. Acosta was “warmly welcomed” by the attendees.

Acosta arrived in Orlando without much attention at first. When the crowd recognized him and his team, they immediately surrounded him and began chanting “CNN sucks.

Bloomberg News reporter William Turton tweeted about the scene Friday, noting that Acosta was shouted down by the crowd as he walked through the building.

Acosta also answered some questions as he made his way through the crowd. Conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett asked him if he disapproved of riots and murder. “I don’t approve of all violence, for sure, no question about it,” Acosta replied.

David Marcus, a reporter for the conservative online magazine “The Federalist,” was also on hand and asked Acosta a few questions.

Marcus introduced himself and then asked Acosta point-blank: “When are you going to start covering Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York?”

“We’ll cover it, we have to,” Acosta replied repeatedly.

“No, you won’t. He killed 10,000 people, and now he’s being accused of sexual assault, and you’re going to talk about Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).”

“Let me finish this interview and I’ll talk to you after it’s over, OK?” Acosta said.

Marcus then asked Acosta to briefly tell the public what he thought of Gov. Cuomo. Acosta replied, “I’m here to work right now, not to talk to you.”

Cuomo, who is a Democrat, was recently exposed by aides as having ordered a dramatic cover-up of nursing Home death figures from an infected disease, which was investigated by the FBI and condemned internally by Democrats. He was then accused of sexual harassment by a former aide.

Acosta served as CNN’s White House correspondent during former President Trump‘s administration and became a well-known figure, in part because of his consistent mockery of Trump and the White House. in 2018, Acosta’s press credentials were briefly revoked by the White House.

When Trump left the White House and Biden began his tenure, CNN announced Acosta as the anchor of the weekend show.