Talking about four-way resistance to the Communist Party Leitheiser: Trump has changed the U.S.-China relationship, revealing that the Chinese Communist Party is the world’s greatest threat

On Saturday (Feb. 27), U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) and former Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer (R-Tenn.) attended the Conservative Congress (CPAC) for a keynote discussion – the Quadripartite Talks ( QUAD) on the goal of how to fight China (CCP) from all four sides.

Lighthizer said that Trump (Trump) has not only changed U.S. trade policy with China and changed U.S.-China relations, but also revealed that the CCP is the greatest threat to the United States, and even the world.

The newly elected Hagerty said the U.S. needs to confront the Chinese Communist threat head-on with its three allies — Japan, India and Australia.

He said the U.S. needs to get back on track because Biden‘s policies will only bring the U.S. back to a strategic disadvantage. He criticized that Biden’s move to return to the Iran Nuclear Agreement would only benefit Europe, not the United States.

He also cited that the KeyStone pipeline project in Canada (which Biden’s policy completely vetoed) would also eliminate high-paying American jobs.

He promised that he would remain active in Congress and be a clear voice for American workers; he also said that U.S. allies should clearly align with the United States on values in order to benefit.

Hagerty, who is currently on the Senate Banking Committee, will focus on promoting an America-first, worker-protective trade policy.

As a freshman senator in 2020, Haggerty is credited with hiring 13 former Trump Administration employees, including former White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere, at a Time when the left is sidelining former President Trump’s White House staff and deliberately creating job problems.

Hagerty said he believes that Trump’s first-term accomplishments have made him the most influential president, and that Trump will lead America again because Biden’s policies won’t work.

Former trade representative Lighthizer took up Hagerty’s words and said that Trump would have more terms.

Lighthizer: No one dares to challenge when Trump reveals the global threat of Communist China

How to view the Biden Administration advocated the concept of cooperation with allies against the Communist Party, the very low-key, tough response to the unfair behavior of the Chinese Communist Party trade former trade representative Lighthizer very sharply retorted that Europe is now not quite in step with the United States, some allies are able to cooperate, but some are not able to cooperate.

He said it was the U.S. that went to help other countries after World War II, but that’s not the case now.

“It’s important to remember that we (the U.S.) are the greatest force for good in the world.” Leitheiser said.

He explained that the greatest success of the Trump administration and his decision to run in the first place was because of the chronic unfair trade that exists between the U.S. and China and between the U.S. and Europe.

He said Trump has reframed U.S. trade policy with China and changed the way Americans used to view it – four years ago, everyone thought outsourcing jobs from large companies was not a problem; Trump has also warned and changed the way Americans perceive the Chinese Communist Party – that it is the U.S., and even is the greatest threat to the world.

With no one daring to challenge him, he has changed America’s relationship with China in the same way that former President Reagan changed his relationship with the Soviet Union, said Reitheiser.

Reitheiser: National policy should help the people, not corporate interests

Leitheiser also stressed that free trade does not necessarily mean conservatism, and that national policy is to serve the interests of the people and benefit them, not the interests of corporations.

To keep production on U.S. soil, he said, the right perspective for policy thinking should be that policies help American workers and farmers.

Leitheiser said the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement is about creating a new system and bringing jobs back because President Trump found that auto jobs were moving abroad.

He said he has great respect for Trump and has never seen a president who would work so hard.

Reitheiser also talked about the current public opinion in the United States and the Culture of cancellation, saying that the left can’t do away with Trump; because if they could, they would have done it 4 years ago.

Leitheiser was optimistic, saying he believed Trump had more terms left in office.