Pompeo: Biden’s decision to make Xi Jinping secretly snicker

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the National Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday (Feb. 27) that Biden‘s announcement to rejoin the Paris climate agreement has left Xi Jinping secretly rejoicing all the Time as the U.S. weakens its own power.

As the 70th secretary of state who just stepped down, Pompeo tweeted before his speech that because he is no longer a diplomat, he can now speak boldly at CPAC.

In his opening remarks, he teased the distinction of being called the worst secretary of state by the Communist Chinese media and the leftist U.S. media for defending American values, a distinction that earned him applause from the entire audience.

Introducing his father, Pompeo’s son also said that his father was a man of strong convictions who never backed down from defending the rights of everyone, because he was an “America First” Secretary of State.

Pompeo said, “America First (agenda) is right for America, it’s right for all of us. America First guarantees our freedom, and the whole world benefits when America is fearless, bold and strong.”

Immediately after, Pompeo criticized, “The Paris climate agreement is a joke, everyone wants clean and safe drinking water, but the Paris agreement is a fantasy, a so-called virtue signal put out by elite diplomats.”

“When President Biden rejoined this agreement, I can tell you that (Communist Party leader) Xi Jinping was secretly smiling all the time. Because the Americans lost.” He added.

The Wall Street Journal, in a Feb. 21 editorial titled “Why Beijing Loves Biden and Paris,” said the formal rejoining of the U.S. to the Paris climate agreement was met with much media and European applause; but one can guess that China (the Chinese Communist Party) was the happiest because it knew the agreement would limit U.S. energy development, while Beijing would get a free ride for at least a decade, i.e., not having to worry about having emissions requirements on its development.

The article also says that the climate agreement is bound to be costly to the U.S. economy, but the climate impact of the agreement amounts to zero, with nothing changing. Predictably, Biden will send his special envoy for the climate deal, former Secretary of State John Kerry, to lobby China to reduce emissions, which will make President Xi Jinping happy.

Because Xi is happy to make empty promises about the future, but asks Biden to make concessions now on Taiwan, trade and other issues. The article says the Chinese Communist Party will surely be happy to see the U.S. actively weaken its own economic power.

Pompeo said in his Saturday speech that Biden’s mantra is to go back to the past (Build Back Better), but getting the U.S. back to the past – back to apologizing with Iran, back to strangling oil pipelines (revitalizing Europe’s oil pipelines), back to letting the Chinese Communist Party take advantage of the U.S. – -is not feasible, and the United States must respond forcefully.

Pompeo cautioned not to forget that China (the Communist Party) is more dependent on the United States than the United States is on China (the Communist Party).

“America First requires real courage, and there has to be a secretary of state who dares to go into harm’s way, and then there has to be a president who backs the secretary of state.” He said.