“The world’s first village” Huaxi Village suspected of being in a funding crisis, a large number of villagers to take money in the rain to protect the capital – Huaxi Village explosion squeeze share dividends left 0.5% interest 60,000 into 100 yuan

According to Hong Kong media reports on February 27, recently, seems to be due to financial problems there are crowds gathered in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, “the world’s first village” Huaxi Village Square, netizens questioned Huaxi Village was “run”, the funds have problems. Some people at the scene said that the share dividends of Huaxi Group changed from 30% to 0.5%, that is, the original share of 200,000 yuan, three years can get dividends of 60,000 yuan, but now only 100 yuan, causing villagers to panic, lining up to get money to “protect the capital”.

Huaxi Village in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, also known as “the first village in the world”, “Huaxi Urban Village”. The village was officially opened to the public in 1978 as a scenic spot. 2020, Huaxi Village was selected as the “National rural Tourism Key Village List”.

It is understood that “Huaxi Village” A-share stock was listed in Shenzhen in 1999, and Huaxi Village Co., Ltd. became the first listed company named after a village in China, and was also hailed as “the first stock in rural China” by Chinese official media. Jiangsu Huaxi Group, controlled by the Huaxi Village Committee, was the main sponsor of the listing of Huaxi Village Co.

Mr. Li, a villager from a village around Huaxi Village, said his wife, Ms. Zhang, took a 200,000 yuan stake in Jiangsu Huaxi Group Inc. in 2018, with a three-year term and a 30 percent dividend, the cover story reported. Mr. Li said, “this form continues for many years, due to the high interest, many villagers at that Time have entered the shares, but also the term of one year dividends 5%.

Mr. Li said that from the afternoon of February 24, the people who went to cash in the dividend from 30% to 0.5%, that is, at that time into the shares of 200,000 yuan, three years later the interest from 60,000 yuan to 100 yuan. Mr. Li said, “Those who expired before the 24th and made an appointment to withdraw the money were able to get the money, after the 24th they could only get the principal and 0.5% interest.

Mr. Li wanted to ask for an explanation, but he did not get any explanation. There was no agreement when he first joined the company, only a certificate of membership, and there was no way to know what to do if a party violated the treaty. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

According to the report, Mr. Zhang, a villager from a village around Huaxi Village, believes he has been cheated, “The original dividend rate was 10%, and then the person handling the redemption said that the interest here is 5%, but now, no matter how many years of deposit, the interest has become 0.5%.

The share dividend of 30% became 0.5%.

Villagers invest in Huaxi Group, the interest is only 0.5%.