China’s Winter Olympics meet boycott, hard to hide embarrassment

More than 180 human rights groups have called for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in protest of the Chinese Communist Party‘s racial persecution in the Xinjiang region.

On February 25, the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the “American values and Security in International Sporting Events Act. According to the bill, if an international event is hosted by a specific communist country, or if the host country is rated as Tier 3 in the State Department’s latest human trafficking rating report, or if the Secretary of State determines that there are serious human rights concerns, the Secretary of State shall send information on human rights issues in that country no later than 180 days before the event. In addition, the bill would require the Secretary of State to include information on what privacy or security risks players may face and how to protect themselves.

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, who introduced the bill, said it would protect the U.S. team from being used by the Chinese Communist Party and would prevent the Chinese Communist Party from conducting a major outreach campaign for the Olympics. He also mentioned that the 2008 Beijing Olympics were used by the Chinese Communist Party to whitewash its own image.

McKeown’s sharp views and powerful proposals, once passed by the House and Senate, could lead to high-level action in the U.S. government, which would have a positive impact on further exposing tyranny and curbing the CCP’s foreign propaganda.

The CCP denies all criticism and claims to oppose the politicization of sports. In fact, however, the CCP has tied sports to politics for decades, staining the arena with party Culture while using medals to stick it with Gold. At the same Time, the CCP excels at using international events to conceal its oppression and oppression of the people. Therefore, for the CCP, hosting the Olympics can be considered as killing several birds with one stone, suffering the people and benefiting the evil party.

More than a decade ago, the CCP obtained the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games with the aura of a “dream”, and has since committed numerous human rights violations: forced evictions, abusive torture, arbitrary detentions, forced abortions, and so on.

On September 10, 2007, human rights lawyer Teng Biao and human rights activist Hu Jia published “The Truth About China Before the Olympics,” in which they pointed out that 1.25 million people had been forced to move from their homes because of the construction of the Olympic venues; that the government had intercepted, detained, and forcibly repatriated a large number of petitioners in the name of building a civilized city; that human rights defenders, dissidents, outspoken writers, and journalists continued to be suppressed; and that religious freedom had been suppressed.

Bernhard Bartsch, a German China expert who was a journalist in China during the Beijing Olympics, told Deutsche Welle: “We were very interested in the protest zones that were set up and went to see them. It was very disappointing (no protests were officially sanctioned). But looking back ten years later, that was actually a sign of what was to come: China was not taking time to liberalize, but was not moving in the direction of liberalization at all.”

After the Beijing Olympics, China’s human rights situation continued to regress. The authorities have continued to tighten the freedom of the internet and media, big data and high technology have been used to monitor all sectors of society, and the scope of persecution continues to expand: human rights lawyers, Falun Gong practitioners and dissidents have been repeatedly and illegally resentenced; genocide is taking place in Xinjiang; Hong Kong‘s pro-democracy faction is under siege, and the Pearl of Freedom has been reduced to a refugee exportation site ……

A criminal verdict against netizen “Marilyn Mengliu” (real name: Zhang Wenfang) has been published on the Chinese Judicial Documents website. It is reported that Ms. Zhang was sentenced to six months in prison for “provoking and provoking trouble” for posting a lengthy microblog about the Epidemic last April. By making this case public at this time, the Chinese Communist Party is releasing a murderous message – let’s see who dares to sing against “our Party”.

At the moment, the epidemic has not receded, the global economy is in the doldrums, and public safety is on alert. The 2022 Winter Olympics is certainly a card it needs to play when the CCP is under the spotlight of blame and investigation for concealing the epidemic.

When the Chinese Communist Party mutates the virus-ridden disaster into an “epic” against the epidemic, when it creates billion dollar corrupt officials while smearing the “miracle” of blood transfusion to help the poor, and when it twists the persecution tragedy into the “best period of human rights”, it is easy for the outside world to imagine that the Chinese Communist Party is not only in the process of making the epidemic a reality, but also in the process of making the epidemic a reality. “It is not difficult to imagine that the party will take the opportunity of the Winter Olympics to repeat the same trick, and throw out a bunch of so-called “good sound” and “good story” of building a community of human Destiny.

The question is: how many more times will the international community give the CCP a chance, and how much more goodness will it cost?