“How much money does your mother make? Don’t blame me for looking down on you.”

Two days ago, a netizen reported that a secondary school teacher in Tianjin discriminated against students in a lecture: “How much money does your mother earn a month? Don’t blame me for looking down on you, I tell you, XXX’s mother earns more money in a year than your mother earns in 50 years. Can your quality be the same? It can’t be the same! “

In this audio, the female teacher also said “the students sent to my class in the past, all of them, their Parents are officials. Or the Family conditions are particularly good, career units. You can be the same? You reflect on your parents, how much quality? You (parents) are common people, thieves do not know what to do, thieves do not have a family Education! You just have not seen the rich, have not seen the high level of people. “

Interestingly, this teacher is a district backbone teacher, has been awarded as an excellent classroom teacher for many times, and there are several essays won awards. In the school’s selection, she was also named the “most beautiful teacher”, loved by students.

The so-called “good teacher” and teacher moral degradation between, perhaps only separated by a recorder. In the age of the Internet, the use of new technology naturally has its advantages and disadvantages, it will sometimes let some things out of control, and even violate the rights and privacy of individuals, but very often, it is also a weapon to defend their rights.

Some people say that teacher morality is declining these days, and then habitually praise the year, saying that there was no such thing before. This statement largely overestimates the morality of teachers, in fact, as early as the 80s, many people have heard similar words, and even more vicious.

I remember when I was in elementary school, a classmate from a single-parent family, underachieving, the teacher scolded her every Time, “You have no father, is undisciplined and no good, your mother can not control you, you will be out on the streets as the dregs of society! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

The first few years I wrote a few teacher’s day appointments, many of my friends had contributed their stories. Perhaps it is because I am not careful in my friendships, the circle of friends “remembering the teacher’s kindness” is very little, but more to denounce the teacher. In these stories, there are sexual harassment, corporal punishment, verbal abuse, cold violence, taking and demanding, and uneducated …… can compile a book of ugly. An 80-year-old friend in elementary school, because her mother did not give the teacher a gift, the teacher everywhere for her, one day she wore the usual denim shorts to school, the teacher pulled her out, in front of the class scolded: “bitch, you show to whom to see! “

Only, there was no recorder back then.

These stories have no chronological distinction: when the acceptance of gifts became the trend, today is still the unspoken rule; when there was corporal punishment there is cold violence, now the teacher only three days can be a child completely isolated; when some teachers Red Guard originated from uneducated, now there are many teachers ruined and do not read themselves.

Some people may say that not all teachers are like this, do not generalize. But look at the news to know that there are certainly many good teachers, but when the receipt of gifts has become the industry’s unspoken rules, when the corporal punishment of students and even death, when the teacher sexually assaulted students is no longer a rare thing, the industry in a general sense has been people to “degenerate The profession has been generally characterized as “degenerate.

Some people believe that the decline in teacher morality is the fault of the market economy, based on the fact that teachers were not so bad before the reform and opening up. But in fact, the impact of each thing has a lag, for example, many elderly people now think that the 50s is clean and righteous, but then they were still children, clean and righteous and what kind of relationship with them? But what does it have to do with them? In the 1990s, when they thought the social climate had changed for the worse, the social subjects were precisely themselves, who grew up during the Cultural Revolution. They generally had not experienced systematic education, and they had also experienced extreme material deprivation. When they became social subjects, these weaknesses led to changes in the social climate.

In other words, the seeds of the degradation of teacher morality in the past thirty years were planted long ago. Moreover, you say that teachers before the reform and opening up were good, but at that time they were not only not cherished, but were also “stinky old men”, and criticism was a common occurrence, and at one time even their lives were not protected. Even Life was not guaranteed.

Of course, the current state of society further exacerbates the problem of teacher morality. Because of the vicious competition under the law of the jungle, Chinese people generally have an extreme utilitarian mentality toward education, and most families are forcing their children to push forward. But the various educational arms races are not only a huge pressure on children, but also give teachers too much room for rent-seeking.

This pattern, in turn, affects the education ecology, so that countless parents screaming for the “WeChat parent group”, those who thank the teacher a dozen times a day The “parent group licking dog”, are easy to let the teacher in the interaction of the illusion of power.

Parents have the power and money, but also “will come to things”, every day to spoil you to meet you, many teachers in this atmosphere “fall”, there is really nothing surprising. After all, we are in the present, this is on the power and money extreme respect, it is never a particular industry thinking. In the teacher’s profession, the same mentality with the teacher in Tianjin will not be a few, just someone smothered, this one had to speak out and “unfortunately” be The teacher’s mentality is the same as the teacher in Tianjin.

Similarly, because of this social atmosphere, so many netizens believe that the teacher’s remarks, although contrary to teacher ethics, but “the words are not bad”, because she is very solidly The social reality of being discriminated against without money or power has been exposed.

The teacher in question may not think she’s wrong either, judging by her post-mortem response, because her so-called apology in the classroom group was completely devoid of any apology. The first thing that comes to mind is this child, the teacher apologizes to you, I provided you with material, you recorded, your thoughtless actions made me fire, you do not have any psychological burden, I will not find you, this you rest assured, as you grow up and I made a joke. I still educate you as my own children, you do not work hard, you will be inferior to your parents, you will class down! “

“You do not have a psychological burden, I will not look for you,” the statement, in fact, is tantamount to a threat, let people look extremely uncomfortable. As for “if you don’t work hard, you will be inferior to your parents and will move down the hierarchy”, it is just a softer version of her rant in the recording.

We should actually thank this teacher, she spoke from the hearts of too many teachers, and from the hearts of countless people. After all, no profession will isolate itself from society and fall alone.