Jack Ma’s old friend, Qianduo, has offered a reward for the murder of this man.

After attending an event at the “Dynasty Club” in Hong Kong in the early hours of the 14th of this month, Qian Fenglei and his assistant were both hacked on their way home.

The company has been offering 10 million Hong Kong dollars to anyone who can provide information about the incident. The police said they had not been able to find the suspects, who had been arrested for the crime, and had not been charged.

The lawyer who assisted Qian Fenglei said that in the afternoon of the 15th, Qian Fenglei sent his representatives to the law firm to deal with the reward, and they do not know where the money is. The company has also revealed that it has not set a date for the suspension of the bonus, if many people reported the useful amount of money may be divided. Lawyer Tse also said that after they received the information, they would first pay the money to see it, and only after he was sure would it be forwarded to the relevant departments.

A friend of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, a mainland tycoon and philanthropist nicknamed “Qian Duo Duo”, Qian Fenglei, was chased by three knifemen in Wan Chai in the early hours of the morning on January 1. The first time he spoke about the attack, he said he didn’t know who the attacker was, and he didn’t have a confrontation with anyone. He sounded tired, then did not want to talk more about the attack. The reporters also went to his luxury home in Repulse Bay today to inquire, but no one answered the door.

The two men were taken to Ruttonjee Hospital for treatment and later transferred to Eastern Hospital. He was in serious condition after an operation yesterday and was later discharged from the hospital. The police classified the case as an assault and referred it to the Wan Chai Police District Anti-Triad Action Team for follow-up, but no one has been arrested.

The company’s newest product, the Ant Group, has been suspended this month, and is one of the early shareholders of the company. According to a financial column in Apple Daily, the ant group has many early investors, one of which is the Shanghai Jing Yi Investment Center, which took a stake in 2015 and held 62.8 million shares, according to the ant’s prospectus document, and the Shanghai Jing Yi was allocated the same shares, accounting for about 0.21 percent of the total capital, at an A-share prospectus price of 68.8 yuan, with the shares worth 5 billion Hong Kong dollars.

The report quoted mainland enterprise search system Kaixinbao information, as of October 2019, Qian Feng Lei held Shanghai Jing Yi 4.8845% of the shares, according to the proportional projection, if the ant listed, “money more” indirectly held ant about 240 million yuan worth of A-share share value.

The report pointed out that, in recent years, early shareholders have the opportunity to pledge their holdings as one of the financing channels for the hot science network stocks. Last week, it was reported that the five innovative future funds issued earlier by participating in the strategic placement of A-shares in the mainland of the ant, because of the publicity to stop the “ant” banner, and finally 13.6 million investors subscribed 60 billion yuan fund quota. However, the ant brakes, five funds (Efatar, Peng Hua, Central European, Huizhou, Huaxia) early that still apply for listing on the stock exchange, not back water, until the CSRC intervention, five funds before the “checkout”, for the fund arrangements for a month of exit options, investors can follow the net value of fund shares to exit.

In addition, according to Taiwan’s Free Times, Qian Fenglei was cut down in Hong Kong, but the “Ningbo gang” behind Jack Ma was involved.

The report pointed out that Jack Ma recently very depressed, tragically named by the Chinese authorities “repair”, the first ant IPO was suddenly halted, a large number of China and Hong Kong and overseas financial funds were trapped in the bitterness, and then because of the “anti-monopoly” forced the stock price and then dive, rumors are involved in China’s Zhongnanhai factional struggle, some say Xi Jinping fight Wang Qishan, some say Xi Jinping fight Jiang Zemin, but the overall conclusion is that the rumor is that Xi Jinping named to stop the ant IPO case and then halted, in case the private enterprises too strong endanger the Xi regime.

The matter has not calmed down, and then came out Ma’s friend Qian Fenglei was hacked, pulling out Ma behind the “Ningbo gang”, triggering the speculation. According to the media, there are three Ningbo people who are the closest to Ma, namely Qian Fenglei, Yu Guoxiang and Shen Guojun.

Qian Fenglei himself is a shareholder of Alibaba, is also the chairman of Global International Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, starting from scratch, industry throughout mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other places, but how he got rich, but so far is a mysterious legend, after making a fortune to do good deeds famous, but the rumor is more money generous, has a private jet, numerous cars, luxury homes. He usually drives a multi-million dollar luxury car, a Maybach 62S, and spends tens of millions of RMB on renovation and nearly 10 million RMB on intelligent surveillance for a mansion.

Qian Fenglei even gave out red envelopes of RMB 10,000 to each of his relatives at their wedding, and twice sent an iPhone to each of his classmates at a class reunion.

It is also the home base of Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s campaign for the post of Chief Executive, where she chose to canvass for votes.

Yu Guoxiang is also Ningbo people, very low-key, known as “self-knowledge”, early investment in operating highways, real estate, and Shanghai Jing’an Hilton operating rights, was widely known to the media in 2005 to 1 billion U.S. dollars to buy off the operating rights of the Hangzhou bypass highway, then his business scope to high-end real estate, hotels, etc., but then also outbreak suspected of misappropriation of social security funds to buy Hilton hotel operating rights, after being investigated and imprisoned.

Shen Guojun is a native of Fenghua, Zhejiang Province, known as the “head of Yintai”, is currently the chairman and president of China’s local retail giant Yintai Department Store Group, the CEO of Rookie Bird Network Technology Co.

Shen Guojun, whose career landscape spans real estate, finance, energy and retail, was elected to the 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in January 2018.