Amazon’s Bezos retaliates against Justice Thomas by suspending his documentary during Black History Month – Bush Sr. White House lawyer: Amazon’s suspension of Justice Thomas’ documentary is extremely harmful to black Americans

The Breitbart News published an op-ed by Bush Sr. White House counsel Mark Paoletta on Friday that Amazon Gold Services stopped airing Ketomas’ documentary “Created Equal: Justice Thomas in His Own Words” during Black History Month.

The documentary covers Thomas’ amazing Life story, with one-on-one interviews with Thomas, which is unprecedented in the history of the Supreme Court, Pauletta wrote. It is a film that Amazon should distribute widely at any Time, especially during Black History Month, to help showcase the diversity of thought in the black community and to celebrate Thomas’ amazing life journey. Amazon’s decision to not show this incredible inspirational documentary on the life of a black American justice during Black History Month does a great disservice to all Americans, especially black Americans.

Mark Paoletta worked as a lawyer in Bush Sr.’s White House Counsel’s office and was involved in the confirmation of Justice Thomas. Pauletta later joined the Trump administration as general counsel in the White House Office of Management and Budget, where he was involved in the confirmation of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. He is currently a senior fellow at the Center for American Recovery.

Created Equal: Justice Thomas in His Own Words, a documentary produced by PBS,,, aired last April and received a whopping 99 percent approval rating from viewers on movie rating sites. The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist wrote, “It’s a marvel of filmmaking that two hours went by so quickly. After a recent screening I attended, I realized there weren’t many people in the room who hadn’t shed a tear.” She added, “Thomas is an American hero.”

Recently, the Amazon Gold service celebrated February as Black History Month by creating a full “Amplify Black Voices” page, with a theme for each of the four weeks and dozens of films selected for streaming, but the critically acclaimed documentary on the current black Supreme Court justice did not make the cut. commentator Wang Duyan said that Justice Thomas has argued that the case against the election issue should be taken up by the high court on both occasions, and in each case issued a statement of his ostensible position. It should have been the key that triggered this suspension. The founder of Amazon is the anti-Trump Bezos, who used the Washington Post for anti-Trump propaganda, and the newspaper’s story framing former national security adviser General Michael Flynn for “Russiagate” ultimately led to Flynn having to ” The newspaper published an anti-Trump propaganda story that framed former national security adviser General Michael Flynn for “Russiagate,” eventually leading Flynn to “resign” under pressure from the left, leaving Trump’s cabinet devastated before it could take shape.