Debt 40 billion thunder! The “world’s first village” Huaxi Village bankruptcy

The morning of February 26, the reporter contacted the scene of the queue of villagers Mr. Li, he said that since 24, Huaxi Group share dividends from 30% to 0.5%, the reason is unknown, causing villagers panic, queuing in the rain to pay.

26 afternoon, Huaxi Village Party Committee spokesman responded that the video content is true, the outside of the money due for redemption, due to rumors caused by the “run”, Huaxi sufficient funds, no problem to pay.

The villagers are afraid of not getting the money said to get back the principal is already lucky

The villagers around the village of Huaxi village Mr. Zhang thinks he was cheated, “the original dividend interest rate is 10%, and then the personnel handling the payment said that the interest here is 5%, and now, no matter how many years to deposit, the interest has become 0.5%.”

On the morning of February 24, Mr. Zhang arrived at the site when there were still not many people, so he made an appointment to withdraw the money on the 26th, he said, “At that Time, I felt that the integrity is okay, should be able to pay back the money, did not feel panic.”

By the 25th, according to Mr. Zhang’s description, the site was already crowded, and he immediately went to the queue and only got more than 800 numbers. The next morning at 8:30 am to go to the queue, only to successfully retrieve the principal and 0.5% interest. “Do the transfer check and it arrived at 2:30 p.m., not rely on the principal even if it’s good.”

Mr. Zhang said that although he also has many questions, but there is no place to ask, but also fear of not getting the money, there is no way.

Share dividends 30% into 0.5%

Mr. Li also said that from the afternoon of February 24, the people who went to cash in the dividend from 30% into 0.5%, that is, then into the shares of 200,000 yuan, three years later the interest from 60,000 yuan into 100 yuan. Mr. Li said, “Those who expire before the 24th and make an appointment to withdraw can get the money, and after the 24th they can only get the principal and 0.5% interest.”

Mr. Li wanted to get a statement, but did not get any explanation, the initial shareholding did not sign an agreement, only a share voucher, and there is no way to know what to do if a party violates the treaty. “They said before to 30% interest, then wait for the phone call, and now the words do not say, directly just give so much.”

Huaxi Village has gone bankrupt 40 billion debt to be repaid

It is understood that Huaxi Group, a subsidiary of Huaxi Village, has gone bankrupt, with total assets of 54.2 billion and liabilities of about 40 billion. A reader provided several videos showing villagers waiting in long lines of hundreds of meters to receive money. Readers said that many people lent their money to Huaxi Village, but Huaxi Village has gone bankrupt and cannot afford to honor the repayment. At present, the local State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has stepped in to take over, and the government is supervising and raising funds to gradually return the people’s investment money, while the villagers wait in long lines, rain or shine, anxiously.

The Rise: A Benchmark for the New Socialist Countryside

Before 1960, Huaxi Village was a very ordinary and poor village, relying on farming for a living. The reason why Huaxi Village was able to develop into the world’s most famous village was inseparable from one person, the old secretary Wu Renbao.

The times create heroes, heroes with the times to achieve the cause, this sentence applied to the rise of Huaxi Village can not be more suitable. The reason why Huaxi Village was able to rise, it is with the wave of reform and opening up, the village secretary Wu Renbao is to follow and seize the opportunity of the tide of reform and development in mainland China, hard work and entrepreneurship, the development of tourism, steel, textile industry three major industries, and finally let Huaxi Village become the world’s first village. As early as 2004, each household in Huaxi Village had a deposit of more than one million.

The fall: the metamorphosis of the Family world

And the aura of Huaxi Village as the world’s first village is just a fleeting moment.

The fall of Huaxi Village, ultimately also lies in the gradual transformation of Huaxi Village from a benchmark of new socialist rural construction into the family world of the original village secretary Wu Renbao’s family.

According to readers familiar with Huaxi Village, the old secretary Wu Renbao’s four sons and their families, the funds at their disposal, accounting for more than 90% of the total funds of the entire Huaxi Village, and this family-style management is destined to the end of the “world’s first village”.