Connecticut Women Tear Down Biden Administration’s Withdrawal, We’re the Best, Physical Males Get Out

U.S. media outlet The Gateway Pundit reported Friday that the Biden administration’s Justice Department decided this week to withdraw its support for a lawsuit pushed by three female high school players. The lawsuit, which would have prevented biological males from competing in girls’ sports in Connecticut, was backed by former Attorney General Bill Barr. Barr argued that Connecticut law allows this to happen and does violate the protections provided by Title IX of the current Education Law Amendments.

Title IX of the Education Law Amendments (Title IX) provides that no person shall, because of sex, be excluded from participation in federally funded educational and activity programs, be denied the treatment provided by such programs and activities, or be discriminated against by such programs and activities on the basis of sex.

According to the Daily Wire, in 2020, “a lawsuit was filed by three high school girls and their mother against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) for allowing biological males to compete and win awards in women’s sports when real women would have won all those awards if biological males had not competed.”

“Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) represented the three girls who were denied the opportunity to compete at a higher level because biological males pocketed the medals.

Connecticut’s Intercollegiate Athletic Conference mandated that two biological males be allowed to compete in women’s track and field beginning with the 2017 track and field season, and those biological males have now taken 15 state titles at the women’s level. biological male participants have taken more than 85 opportunities to compete at higher levels from women’s track and field athletes during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons alone.”

Two races in 2018 have made headlines, “Two transgender men beat women at state meet,” and Connecticut held its state open track and field meet where a biological male broke the state open records in the women’s 100 and 200-meter runs.

Lawyers for the three female runners, along with one of the female athletes, Smith, appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to discuss the Biden Administration‘s withdrawal of support for the prosecution case and how to restore fairness in the women’s event.

Smith said people need to realize that many biological males are taking away things that normal women should have.”

Smith said the lawsuit was filed because “”I took third place in the 200 meters after running against biological males at the New England meet when I should have taken second place. It wasn’t just about placing, I trained so many hours a week to get runner-up at the New England championships as a freshman. I’m really disappointed with the result and me and a few other girls worked really hard to get our story out there and make people aware that fairness needs to be restored to women’s athletic events.”

The Fox News host slammed the government saying, “The left claims to always stand up for women and be the party of women, and yet here we are, with policies in place that take away the rights of female athletes.”

The Fox host asked Smith’s attorney, “Are you fighting this lawsuit to keep biological males out of the girls’ locker room and to keep them from playing with the girls and to take away scholarships and state championships? Will your lawsuit go forward after the Department of Justice withdraws its support of your case? How do you plan to move forward with the case in the future?”

The attorney representing the female players replied, “The lawsuit will absolutely move forward. The Intercollegiate Athletic Conference’s decision was clearly politically motivated, siding with radical activists and failing to consider the interests of female athletes. Even more troubling is that this effort to weaken legal protections for women is not just occurring in Connecticut. The Biden administration is pushing a so-called equality bill that ignores the real biological differences between men and women, threatening women’s privacy and women’s homeless shelters, even female athletes like my client, and women’s sports across the United States.”

The moderator asked Smith to elaborate more, “What is your response to people saying ‘that’s only fair’ when biological males compete against you for medals that you miss out on?”

Smith said, “People should realize that a lot of women are no longer able to compete in really important competitions, such as state and regional levels, and that transgender athletes have taken the podium spots that would have belonged to women.”

Smith added, “We train so many days a week, so many hours a week to be able to be the best in our state, the best in our region, and these biological males are taking our efforts away from us with their eyes. And these are the things that we women should have been getting.”