Many parents of vaccine victims were controlled for participating in a joint petition to defend their rights in Beijing

As the two sessions of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are about to be held in March, Parents of children victims of tainted vaccines on the mainland have launched a joint campaign to defend their rights in Beijing, demanding accountability and a reasonable settlement for compensation. However, some parents have been forcibly returned by local stability maintenance offices, while others have been controlled and lost, and parents’ WeChat groups have been blocked by the authorities.

Vaccine-victimized children sent back to Beijing for medical treatment before the two sessions

The parents of vaccine-victimized children, Ming Yang (a pseudonym), told the Epoch Times that he recently took advantage of his vacation to bring his child, who was disabled by vaccination, to Beijing for treatment, but they were monitored from the Time they bought their tickets to the time they boarded the train, and before they could leave the station after arriving in Beijing, they were taken away and sent back to their place of residence by the Stabilization Office.

“The ID of every parent in our vaccine group is monitored by the state.” He said, “I was taking my child for treatment, and I was taken away without even being qualified to enter Beijing.”

Ming Yang has defended his child’s rights in recent years and has suffered years of repressive surveillance as a result. “We are innocent, but we, the victims of vaccines, are among the targets of China’s (CCP’s) so-called anti-vaccine campaign, and public opinion is oriented to see us as terrorists and anti-social.”

“Is it fair that after being victimized by a vaccine, we have to be treated with such discrimination by the state?” Ming Yang said, “Our demand is only that China should follow the example of foreign countries in providing transparent information, objective reporting and necessary compensation and treatment.”

He believes that the authorities’ treatment of vaccine-victimized children is completely inhumane. “Every day the news in China is about how much effort is spent to save others from suffering and how much money is donated to backward countries, but how come China’s own child victims are not cared for?”

Parents co-sign into Beijing to defend their rights WeChat group blocked

Every year during the two sessions, parents of vaccine victimized children go to Beijing to express their demands. Recently, a group of parents in the WeChat group also launched a joint campaign to defend their rights, preparing to go to Beijing in early March, but the WeChat group was quickly blocked.

Meanwhile, Gansu Li Daihong, in desperation to defend her son’s rights for a long time without success, sent a photo of a Kongming lantern in the group to express her will to defend her rights, but was admonished and warned by the police, and her phone was unreachable.

Although the CCP authorities have been using surveillance, intimidation, detention, Family disappearances, illegal arrests and even sentences against this group of unarmed human rights defenders for years, the parents still insist on defending their rights to the end.

A human rights parent in Hubei pointed out that a vaccine, not only ruined a healthy child, a lifetime of crippling than others, and the original happy family, the rest of the parents’ lives. She said she must pursue responsibility and defend her rights to the end.

Ming Yang said that even if the speech is blocked, but also to insist on speaking out. “You (authorities) do not allow us to make a wish, do not allow us to cry, we are not allowed to do anything, the law, relief are not available, even the right to die is not given to us, living in this kind of news and reality is extremely disconnected society, extreme anger and despair.”

Previously, He Fangmei, a rights representative who had suffered severe persecution, was controlled by the authorities with her husband Li Xin after she went to the government gate of Hui County, Henan Province, late last year to throw paint, and is still out of touch with the outside world. At the time, He was pregnant.

When her daughter was one year old, she was paralyzed after being vaccinated with the MMR, MMR and Hepatitis A vaccines. On April 26, 2019, He was illegally arrested by the Hui County Prosecutor’s Office and sentenced to one year in prison. In January 2020, the Hui County Prosecutor’s Office withdrew the case on the grounds of “unclear facts and insufficient evidence” and He was released without charge.