Trump says Biden ‘won’ election because it was ‘rigged’

President Trump is still not accepting the results of the election. In a series of tweets on Sunday, he said Biden “won” the election, while continuing to make unfounded allegations that the election was “rigged. He “disavowed” the election results and said he “will win”.

Biden’s tweets were each tagged with a blue line on Twitter that read: “Controversial claims of election fraud. Clicking on the line will take you to a clarification page on the election fraud claims, which includes detailed reports and explanations on the issue from the Associated Press, Reuters and other media outlets.

Team Trump has launched more than a dozen lawsuits in at least five states he lost, most of which have been dismissed or dropped, and there is no evidence of massive fraud in the election. The Trump team’s move is seen as “political showmanship that far outweighs the actual significance of changing the outcome of the election”.