Chen Baokong: “Patriots Rule Hong Kong”? Xi Jinping betrays Deng Xiaoping

This March, the Chinese Communist Party will hold two sessions of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and one of the key points is to change the electoral system in Hong Kong. This is after the Chinese Communist Party introduced the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law at last year’s two sessions, and seeing that it has not met with stiff resistance in Hong Kong, it thinks that it has won the battle, so it is trying to further destroy the Hong Kong electoral system.

Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China (HKMAO), made a statement to replace “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” with “patriots ruling Hong Kong”, and defined five types of “unpatriotic”. “attacking the central government”, “openly promoting ‘Hong Kong independence'”, “internationally ‘bad-mouthing “, “begging foreign countries to impose sanctions on China and Hong Kong”, and “violating Hong Kong’s national security laws”. That means no criticism of the Chinese Communist authorities, no pluralism, no criticism of Communist China to be heard from the outside world, no international solidarity with Hong Kong people condemning the Chinese Communist Party, and no violation of the all-encompassing and arbitrary Chinese version of the so-called national security law in Hong Kong.

To put it bluntly, Xia Baolong’s so-called “patriotism” means “love for the Party”; the so-called “patriots” are pro-communists. To put it bluntly, the “patriots” that Xia Baolong talks about are actually traitors. Because the country is composed of the people, sacrificing the people’s rights to please the ruling class is anti-people, which is also anti-state; depriving the people of the right to vote and be elected is betraying the nation, which is also betraying the state.

Xia Baolong said, “If a person claims to support ‘one country, two systems’ but opposes the founder and leader of ‘one country, two systems,’ is that not self-contradictory?” What a self-contradiction! This refers to Xi Jinping, Xia Baolong and others. Imagine, Deng Xiaoping is the founder of “one country, two systems” and Zhao Ziyang is the leader of “one country, two systems”, Xi Jinping, Xia Baolong and others renounced the Sino-British Joint Declaration, smashed the “one country, two systems Xi Jinping, Xia Baolong and others have reneged on the Sino-British Joint Declaration, smashed the “one country, two systems” and destroyed the “50-year unchanged” promise made by Deng Xiaoping and Zhao Ziyang, are they not opposing Deng Xiaoping and Zhao Ziyang, the founder and leader of “one country, two systems”?

And Xia Baolong’s recent remarks are a direct rejection of Deng Xiaoping. On the one hand, Xia Baolong quoted Deng Xiaoping’s statement that “the standard of patriotism is to respect one’s own nation, sincerely support the resumption of the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong by the motherland, and not to damage the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.” But on the other hand, Xia Baolong conceals the rest of Deng Xiaoping’s thesis: “As long as they have these conditions, they are patriots, whether they believe in capitalism, feudalism, or even slaveism. We do not ask them all to approve of China’s socialist system, only that they love the motherland and love Hong Kong.”

What Xi Jinping, Xia Baolong and the Chinese Communist authorities are emphasizing today, and what the pro-Communists in Hong Kong are parroting, is “support for the socialist system” as a condition for being a “patriot”. This is a clear betrayal of Deng Xiaoping.

Deng Xiaoping also said: “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong will not change. The people elected by Hong Kong people to run Hong Kong will be appointed by the central government, not sent by Beijing. To choose such people, there should of course be left-wing ones, as few as possible, but also a little right-wing ones, and preferably more people from the center. In this way, people on all sides will feel more comfortable.” However, in contrast to today’s Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, who takes the extreme left line, uses extreme left figures, and prefers left to right in everything.

The oily-tongued Xia Baolong is one of the ultra-left figures Xi Jinping reuses. As a figure in Xi’s army and a close associate and confidant of Xi Jinping, Xia Baolong was in charge of Zhejiang in the past few years, destroying churches and crucifixes on a large scale, destroying religions and persecuting Christians or Catholics. Xia Baolong’s far-left performance was so appreciated by Xi Jinping that he was transferred to head the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, using the far-left tactics of the backward mainland to exert them in the civilized land of Hong Kong. According to Deng Xiaoping’s definition, Xia Baolong is a sinner who undermines the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, and is not only not a patriot but a traitor.

This also shows the horror of the rule of man, if Deng Xiaoping era China has the rule of law, Deng Xiaoping’s commitment to the rule of law and the Sino-British Joint Declaration fixed down, Beijing and Hong Kong are to comply with, there will not be Beijing and Hong Kong later nothing to find trouble and intensify the conflict? Precisely because it is the rule of man, the change of people, it destroys the promise. Xi Jinping needs to be prepared: today’s Xi Jinping can betray yesterday’s Deng Xiaoping; then, tomorrow’s CCP leaders can also betray today’s Xi Jinping.

The Xi regime seeks to change Hong Kong’s electoral system, attempting to turn the Chief Executive, the Legislative Council and the District Councils into completely designated or disguised designations by the Chinese Communist Party, ignoring the mainstream public opinion of the general public in Hong Kong, and in the name of reforming the electoral system, but in reality it is destroying it. The Xi Jinping regime is not only left, but it seems to be obsessed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it has to keep offending the people of Hong Kong without taking a breath.