He changed his fate with ten taels of silver

They both have hearts that shine like Gold. A short Life is about to die, a light wealth still righteous heart with compassion, in different life road, they have a rendezvous node. The story they interpreted is ordinary, but now reads like a leak of heaven, telling people that fate can change!

The fortune teller asserted that the scholar would die in five days

The master of the Qing Dynasty told a story “ten taels of silver to change the fate”. He said that there was an old gentleman who was blessed with a long life, but he was extremely poor when he was a teenager and often had no rice to cook for several days in a row. The year he won the examination, a fortune-teller told him one day that he would die before the White Dew Festival.

The exam was just around the corner, but because of what the fortune-teller said, the boy planned to give up the exam. There was a Wang Sheng, whose Family was rich and very righteous. Wang got along well with the young man, strongly persuaded him to go with him, and generously financed all the expenses he needed to take the exam.

When they arrived at Jinling, they heard that there was a fortune-teller at Cheng’en Temple who was surprisingly accurate in telling people’s fortunes and misfortunes. The young man and his six classmates went to see the fortune teller together. The fortune-teller looked at the six of them and told them their family situations without any discrepancy.

When it was the teenager’s turn, the gentleman first asked the general situation, and then flexed his fingers and advised him to hurry Home. The crowd was surprised. The fortune-teller said that the boy’s face was withered, and there were already obscure lines in the sky. According to the physiognomy, he would die within five days. According to his current face, he should die on the road.

Wang Sheng and the crowd were shocked, and quickly asked the solution. The fortune-teller said, life and death, without great virtue, you can not undo the will of God. Now the deadline is tight, what else can be done! The people were silent all the way back to the apartment.

The young man saw that both fortune tellers said the same thing, and intended to return home in order not to involve everyone. Wang Sheng took pity on him and hired a boat for him, giving him ten taels of silver again for his urgent needs.

The scholar exchanged silver for copper to save a man’s life

The young man said goodbye to everyone and boarded the boat to return to his hometown. In the Yangtze River more than ten miles of water, due to the wind and waves are too strong, the passenger boat can not continue to go. The boatman tied the boat to the shore. Four days had passed, but the wind was stronger. The young man thought to himself, almost to five days of the deadline, and the boat can not go, is really like the fortune-teller said to die on the road?

At this Time, the young man was waiting for death, all thoughts were empty. When he went ashore to wander, he suddenly saw a middle-aged pregnant woman, with three small children, while walking and crying. The young man suddenly thought to himself, this place is sparsely populated, where is she going? The teenager was puzzled, so he took a few steps forward and hurriedly asked her what difficulties she had, and maybe he could help her.

The woman had no choice but to tell him of her suffering, because she had been deceived, she sold two pigs, said it was ten taels of silver, but received ten taels of copper. She was afraid of being beaten and did not dare to take the fake money to her husband. So she decided to take the child and throw herself into the river.

When the young man heard this, he was so sad that he thought he was going to die, so what was the use of the money, so he quietly gave her the silver gift from Wang Sheng to exchange. He said to the woman: “Oh, you really almost made a big mistake! This is real silver, how come it’s copper?”

The woman was angry and said, “How can it be silver when several silver stores say it is copper? The young man excused himself and said, “Those silver stores are bullying you for being a woman! If you come with me, they won’t dare to say it’s copper.” The woman went with him to a silver store to examine the silver and said it was real silver. They went to several other shops, and they all said it was real silver. The woman was overjoyed, and after thanking the scholar, she took her child and went home.

The gods were kind enough to give the two young men merit

After the young man saved the woman, it was already late, so he had to sleep under the porch of the broken temple. The tired teenager had been running all day and fell asleep just before sitting down. In a haze, he heard the yelling of the magistrate. The teenager stretched his head to see the hall was brightly lit, the two sides of the magistrates stood majestically, and in the middle there was a king-like person sitting on top of the public hall, as if it was Guan Di. Suddenly Emperor Guan ordered that there was a man who saved five lives by the river today, and that this man should be investigated and given a blessing.

After an official reported on the scholar, The Emperor asked again if the scholar could win the exam this autumn list. Another official said that the young man’s blessings and longevity had been exhausted, and that he should be killed by the collapsing wall at midnight today. The emperor said, “If so, how else can we persuade people to be good? Change the locality.” The emperor decided to let this young man fill the vacancy.

Another person next to him said that Wang Sheng had made this good achievement by giving money to the scholar because he was light on money and righteous. Therefore, Wang Sheng should also be awarded the merit. The emperor immediately approved.

The young man regained his life by saving his life

The young man was listening intently when suddenly someone seemed to be shouting in his ear: “Come out! Come out quickly!” The young man was startled and woke up with a start, seeing himself still huddled under the temple eaves. In the darkness, he heard the earth rustling down the wall, he hurriedly got up and ran outside. Just a few steps away, the wall collapsed and hit him right where he was crouching.

After dawn, the scholar returned to the boat after paying homage to the emperor in the temple. He thought in his mind that what God said would be fulfilled, so he discussed with the boatman and returned to Jinling. When the young man came to the inn, everyone was shocked to see him still alive. Wang Sheng smiled and said, “If you don’t die in a great disaster, you will have great blessings.” A wine was thrown in his honor to celebrate.

Everyone was up in arms and crowded the teenager to go to the face reader. When the face reader looked up and saw the teenager, he was surprised and said, “You’re still alive?” The face reader found that in just a few days, the teenager’s bone face had changed dramatically. He said he must have done an extraordinary good deed and saved lives to redeem such a creation. He also predicted that he would win the exam this year! Next year, he will enter the Hanlin, and his life expectancy will increase to eighty.

It is not a coincidence that the transfer of merit is not an accident.

The fortune-teller smiled and said, “This is no accident! Half a month ago I read the face of a scholar, his eyebrows between the hall of light is extraordinary, is certainly the current section of the scholar. But yesterday he came back to see the face, but the forehead appeared hanging needle lines, the previous light all disappeared. I think, he must have done something bad, the merit has been cancelled.”

The fortune-teller also told Wang Sheng that he would pass the exam with the young man this year. Wang Sheng laughed and said, “Where have I done anything good?” The fortune-teller said, “It is doing nothing that is called yin virtue!”

After returning to the inn, the young man told Wang Sheng all about the incident and said, “Without the silver gift from my brother, I would have had to watch people die! Today, I am fortunate to be blessed by the gods, which is a kindness from you!”

Wang Sheng was surprised and said, “This is your generosity! If that’s true, I should thank you!” The two humbled each other and saw that their hearts shone like gold and were full of holiness like the lotus that emerged from the sludge. That year, the examination, the young man really understand the yuan, Wang Sheng also on the list. The next year, they both joined Hanlin as officials.

When the friend of the owner of the flower sat told this story, he sighed and said, “People say that poverty and short life are Destiny. But they don’t know that the Creator’s reward and grace depends on how people choose. Although ten taels of silver is not much, but the gods trace back to the source, will give him a rich blessing. That destined Jieyuan was originally a candidate for the laurel, but was promptly eliminated from the merit list for committing an evil deed.” Good and evil are in the mind of the beholder, and it is true that “there is no door to blessing and disaster, but the heart calls itself.

(According to “Sitting Flowers and Fruits”, Volume 3, “Ten Golden Fortunes”)