Tonight the moon is not round

The colorful clouds are scattered by the wind, and the bright moon comes by.

As winter turns to spring and the moon is short, nature has its own invisible hand to arrange everything skillfully.

The first full moon of the new year was special, less cheerful and more uneasy, everyone was worried about the development of the new crown pneumonia Epidemic.

There has never been a Time in memory when the whole of China was so quiet as now, so still that you could seem to hear the passage of time.

The red lights hung up to welcome the arrival of the New Year look forlorn and lonely in the night, the empty streets feel wider, a closed door, wearing masks to avoid each other, and sparse pedestrians …… no longer bothered by traffic jams, no longer worried about the hustle and bustle.

Never have I been so eager for spring as I am now.

Want to walk to the sun ️ under the mood, want to bathe in the spring breeze free breathing, want to see the weeping willow dyed green river bank, want to appreciate the pear blossoms spread over the branches ……

The commonplace everything, health, sunshine, air, only after the loss will realize the significance of its existence.

It turns out that all the gifts of nature, all the love and warmth of this world, are worthy of our deep appreciation and expectation.

Since the Han Dynasty, the Lantern Festival has been a day of reunion, celebration and happiness.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden epidemic has given it a different flavor, making all the joy and expectation once had become “This year’s New Year’s Eve, the moon and lights are still the same. I don’t see anyone from last year, and my tears are wetting the sleeves of my spring shirt. “

Under the epidemic, there is sadness, anxiety, panic, worry, more upstream commitment and sentiment, in fact, more anxious expectations, looking forward to the spring flowers, looking forward to the return of Life to normal, looking forward to the early dissipation of the epidemic.

The moon tonight seems to have more cold light, but in fact the moon is still the same, what changes is the beings under the moon, what changes is a different state of mind.

The moon is still the same, but what has changed is the beings under it, and what has changed is a different state of mind. Send a white moon outside the window to dispel the plague and darkness early, and send light and warmth.

Love everything in the world and love nature. In front of nature, human beings are really as small as a drop in the ocean.

May the pestilence recede, the mountains and rivers remain unharmed, and the earth be warm. When spring comes, not only the flowers will bloom as promised, but also every healthy you and a peaceful China.

The pestilence is in front of the Yellow Crane Tower, and the moon is not full tonight.