How can we talk about democracy when we can’t even tolerate Li Zhiying?

Some people follow the post to Lai Chi-ying flow very disdainful emotions, I do not have him is 50 cents, when he is a handful, to talk about my views.

I only know that he is a well-to-do garment manufacturer, but later sold his company and started his career in the media because he was concerned about politics. Both Next Magazine and Apple Daily took the popular route, criticizing the dictatorial rule of the Chinese Communist Party and monitoring the governance of the SAR government as their duties, subverting the media ecology and achieving remarkable results.

Next Media has never concealed its political stance on the pursuit of democracy and freedom, and has always stood up for the people of Hong Kong against the Chinese Communist Party’s bribes and suppression during all political movements in Hong Kong. Chi-Ying Lai was a pioneer, walking in the crowd in every big march. He was also a big advocate, daring to speak out, and once went to the United States to lobby with Lee Chu-ming and other advanced democrats. To this day, he is still behind bars for his participation in the Hong Kong democracy movement, and may face several years or even longer, or even be sent to jail.

Some people resent Lai Chi-ying because he is said to disagree with the independence of Hong Kong. I myself do not agree with the independence of Hong Kong, and none of my friends and relatives around me agree with it.

Hong Kong independence is an extreme goal of the Anti-Communist political movement, which is not politically operable in reality and will not be supported by the international community. The only result of engaging in Hong Kong independence is to provide the Chinese Communist Party with a mouthpiece for direct repression, which is a suicidal act in terms of strategy. Everyone in the anti-China movement advocates not to “send the head”, and advocating Hong Kong independence is “sending the head”, so if Lai Chi-ying does not agree to Hong Kong independence, is that a big evil?

Lai Chi-ying is a wealthy businessman, he has a lot of money, he wants to emigrate, he can choose any country in the world. If he loved himself more than this city, if he loved his Family more than his political ideas, his smartest choice would have been to leave Hong Kong. But he did not. He chose to stay in Hong Kong and stand with the majority of Hong Kong people, even more than the average person, to directly face the “iron fist” of the Chinese Communist dictatorship of the proletariat.

He not only sacrificed himself because of his own ideas and the overall interests of Hong Kong, but also brought his family into a disaster situation. After he was imprisoned, his whole family had to bear a heavy psychological burden, fearing persecution by the regime, mental pain and pressure all the Time, and even his young grandson had to visit him in the place of imprisonment. If this was a matter of a month or two, then so be it, but who knows, it could be a matter of ten or eight years! How many people in Hong Kong can do this? It’s not enough to do this, what else?

Not only Lai Chi-ying himself, but the entire Apple Daily, editors, reporters and management, everyone was in danger of being liquidated, but no one backed down. Undeniably, they were all inspired by Li Zhiying’s fearless spirit.

Who had a clearer anti-communist stance than him? Who has stronger willpower than him? At least I have to admit that I am greatly inferior in character, and I can only follow him, and I have nothing but respect for him.

I know very little about Christians, except that they live with a sense of justice, equality, fairness and freedom, that they are rich in self-sacrifice, that they have a sense of responsibility, ideals and ambitions for the world and for Life. This is the reason why they are able to face all the difficulties and hardships as if they were walking on the path of the cross, so they can take it with grace.

Some netizens say that Lam Cheng is also a Christian, how can Lam Cheng be compared with Lai Chi-ying? Some people see religious faith as the Home of the soul, while others see it as a spiritual disguise, and each person takes a different attitude. It is not a matter of whether he or she worships or not, but whether Jesus Christ has light in his or her heart.

It is natural that the Chinese Communist Party cannot tolerate Li Zhiying, and it is incomprehensible that his own people treat him like an enemy. Just because he disagrees with Hong Kong’s independence, is he not qualified to practice his personal philosophy? Does anyone who disagrees with some people’s views have to be classified as an enemy? What kind of logic is this?

If you have made more efforts and sacrifices for the democratic movement in Hong Kong than Lai Chi-ying, then you have the right to despise him, if not, then you should stay aside and do a good job for yourself first. If you want to go for Hong Kong independence or not, whether you want to stand or run away from the disaster, it’s up to you, just don’t disrupt the democratic movement.

Some people even spoke coldly of my support for Lai Chi-ying, saying that it was because I received money for Apple’s writings. What is the difference between such a vicious mentality of people and the Communist Party? Chi-Ying Lai invited me to write for Apple, not because he was related to me, but because he thought my articles had readers. It is only fair that I spend my own efforts to contribute and receive a standard fee for my articles. If Li Zhiying had asked me to contribute for free, I would have agreed (just as I have written a thousand-word article here every day for a year or two, and no one has ever paid me 50 cents, and I have fought against the CCP with my own pen willingly), but he did not, and he continued to pay the full manuscript fee at the market rate without a single day’s delay, despite the difficult operating conditions.

Is this how people talk about exchange of benefits? Is there no more noble idea than money to keep us going all the way? Is it based on personal interests that millions of citizens in the anti-sending campaign are determined to pay regardless of the cost? If those who say such things are their own people, then I am speechless.

These people, they are radical as the standard, see others as waste, the credit is all his, the responsibility is all others. Who is useful and who is not, they have to define, they are sure who, who is qualified to come in, otherwise they have to get out, this is a condescending ﹑ set in a mentality. What they want to pursue is a free and democratic society? I doubt it, they can’t even tolerate their own people, democracy is just a pretense, dictatorship is the true color.

I have seen this kind of people too many times. The more radical people are, the louder they are, the more easily they are shaken and the less they can stick to the end. If we can tolerate each other, let’s go on together, if we can’t, let’s just go our separate ways. From now on, anyone who denigrates Li Zhiying in my place, I will regard you as fifty cents, even if you say you are not.

We have to go on in the long run, to get around the Chinese Communist Party, and we must maintain the righteousness in our ranks. We have no power and no weapons, only righteousness makes us strong enough to resist the CCP. Therefore, we must stand up to the evil phenomenon in our own ranks and fight them until the toxins that corrupt our ranks are removed.

Some netizens advised me that I don’t have to be angry about these people. Of course I am angry, and I can’t help but say so. I must expose these people for what they are. If he is not a traitor planted by the Chinese Communist Party, he is just a shallow muddler. We must distinguish between right and wrong and present the pros and cons. In the end, to tolerate them is to destroy ourselves.