Some reasons why the plague virus may have originated in a Chinese Communist laboratory

Recently, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his chief China advisor Yu Maochun, as well as former U.S. national security advisor Ming Bo, have addressed the issue of the source of the pandemic that has spread around the world, suggesting that the virus may have originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research.

On February 23, Pompeo and Yu Maochun jointly published an article in the Wall Street Journal about the issue, and on February 21, Bo Ming spoke about the issue in an interview with the U.S. media outlet CBS. On January 15, the U.S. Department of State published a fact check on the actions of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Some experts have also addressed this issue.

From what Pompeo and others have said, and from my observations, the virus may have originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology for nine reasons.

First, Chinese Communist military scientists claim that they have discovered nearly 2,000 new viruses in 10 years, almost as many as have been discovered in the rest of the world in the past 200 years.

Second, the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research is one of the most important virus research institutions in China. Since at least 2016, Wuhan Institute of Virus researchers have conducted experiments involving RaTG13 and showed no signs of stopping before the COVID-19 outbreak.RaTG13 is the bat coronavirus that WIV identified in January 2020 as being closest to SARS-CoV-2 (96.2% similar).

WIV became the focus of international coronavirus research after the SARS outbreak in 2003 and has been studying animals including mice, bats and pangolins since then. wIV has a public record of conducting “gene function acquisition” studies to engineer chimeric viruses. However, the WIV’s record of research on viruses most similar to COVID-19 viruses (including “RaTG13”) is not transparent or consistent.

Third, two years before the novel coronavirus swept the world, U.S. Embassy officials visited the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research several times and sent cables back to Washington twice in 2018 about security risks and management deficiencies at the institute. The first cable warned that research on bat coronaviruses conducted at the lab posed a potential risk of human transmission, potentially triggering a global Epidemic like SARS.

Fourth, Yuan Zhiming, then director of the P4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, published a journal article stating that there was a general lack of operational technical support and professional instructions in Chinese biology laboratories. He said, “A biosafety laboratory is a double-edged sword: it can benefit humanity, but it can also lead to a disaster.”

Fifth, scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology have long been involved in research on animal-derived coronaviruses, an environment that increases the risk of accidental and potentially uninformed exposure. Accidental infections in the laboratory have previously led to several virus outbreaks in China and elsewhere, including a SARS virus leak in an April 2004 laboratory at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention that resulted in nine infections and one death. At the Time, Gao Fu, deputy director of the CDC, said of the incident, “Safety is no small matter, and security breaches can occur anywhere.”

Sixth, the U.S. Department of State confirmed that in the fall of 2019, several researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research developed mysterious illnesses with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and common seasonal diseases. This was before the first cases of the “Chinese Communist virus” were confirmed. The CCP has been preventing independent journalists, investigators and global health agencies from interviewing WIV researchers, including those who became ill in the fall of 2019.

There are reports that Huang Yanling, a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, is “patient number zero. Huang was infected by the leaked virus while conducting experiments and later transmitted it to others; Huang has since died. Although the Wuhan Institute of Virus and the person claiming to be Huang Yanling have “dispelled” the rumors in writing, the CCP has not yet allowed Huang Yanling to appear publicly to clarify the matter.

Seventh, for more than a year, the CCP has systematically prevented a transparent and thorough investigation into the source of the “Chinese Communist virus” that caused the pandemic. From the initial repeated refusal to allow U.S. scientists to travel to China, to a series of retaliatory actions against Australia for proposing an independent investigation into the source of the virus, to the use of various excuses to prevent WHO experts from investigating in Wuhan. It was only in January this year that the WHO experts finally arrived in Wuhan. But, as in the case of a criminal case, a year after the crime, the police finally arrived at the crime scene, which had long been thoroughly cleaned and destroyed, what else could the police find?

Eighth, the CCP has invested a lot of resources in deception and false propaganda. This included the use of CCTV and other major media to spread the word that “no human-to-human transmission”, “no medical personnel were found to be infected”, “the virus is not highly contagious”, “the virus is preventable and controllable”, and “the virus is not infectious”. “The government has also launched a “blame war” against the United States and many other countries.

Ninth, ban the exodus of critical data. WHO expert Dominic Dwyer told Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times that the team had hoped to obtain raw, unanalyzed data on early cases of new infections, which he called “standard practice. But the team received only “summaries” of the analysis. The Chinese Communist Party refused to hand over key data to the WHO team investigating the origin of the outbreak.

The search for the source of the virus is important to identify the root cause of the problem, prescribe the right Medicine to save lives, effectively prevent another large-scale outbreak, and hold those who concealed the truth and failed in their duties accountable. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party has been doing everything possible to cover up and conceal the truth to avoid the world from holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable.

The Chinese Communist Party may have succeeded in its plot for a while. However, there is an old Chinese saying, “For people not to know, unless they do not know.” I believe: the truth about the source of the virus will one day be revealed to the world.