Japan’s defense minister said to prevent the boarding of the Diaoyu Islands can be “injurious shooting”

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi hinted at a press conference on February 26, if the Chinese Coast Guard Bureau and other attempts to force landing in the Diaoyu Islands, and The Japanese side according to the attitude of the other side that this behavior is “vicious crime”, the Self Defense Forces may also implement the use of weapons to suppress each other’s resistance to “harmful shooting “. Nobuo Kishi pointed out: “The action taken by the Marine Police Bureau’s vessels will vary. Specific judgments will be made based on individual circumstances.”

The Japanese government said at a joint meeting of the LDP’s National Defense Council and the Security Investigation Council on February 25 that if the crew of a foreign public ship intends to land on the Diaoyu Islands from the ship, the Coast Guard can fire “hazard shots” to prevent them from boarding the island.

The LDP confirmed the issue with the government because the Chinese Coast Guard has repeatedly entered the area around the Diaoyu Islands, which Japan considers “territorial waters”, and chased Japanese fishing boats.

If the Coast Guard uses a weapon, the “hazard shot” that causes harm to the other party is governed by Japan’s “Law on the Execution of Duty by Police Officers,” except in cases of self-defense and emergency evacuation, and if it is a “vicious crime” that is punishable by more than three years in prison. In addition to cases of self-defense and emergency evacuation, “dangerous shooting” is also allowed.

If the government considers that a foreign public vessel, such as a Chinese public vessel, is approaching the Diaoyu Islands and determines that there is a high probability that it will board the island, it may determine that it is an “aggravated criminal activity” and may fire dangerously.

Hazardous firing is an exercise of police power based on the Police Officers’ Duty Execution Act. If the defense minister issues an order for maritime police action, the police duty law will apply not only to the Maritime Security Agency, which has maritime police functions, but also to the Self Defense Force. Nobuo Kishi stressed at the press conference that “depending on the state of affairs, weapons may be used within the limits deemed reasonably necessary.”

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsushin pointed out at a press conference on the same day that there was no change in the government’s opinion regarding hazard firing. He further said, “A very careful sorting out must be done, and please ask the Coast Guard as to how to respond in each instance.”

Within the LDP, there are strong voices to take countermeasures against the Coast Guard Law, which explicitly states that the Chinese Coast Guard Bureau can use weapons, and Taku Otsuka, chairman of the LDP’s National Defense Council, said: “This is the first Time that the government has expressed such an opinion.

The government also pointed out that if a Chinese public vessel takes away the crew of a marine security patrol vessel or a Japanese fishing vessel around the Diaoyu Islands, etc., it can be stopped under Article 18 of the Maritime Security Agency Law when “human Life and body are at stake. If an unmanned aircraft is released from a Chinese public vessel, the Maritime Self-Defense Force can respond as an airspace violation.