The Indian government is also taking action! Strict new rules to control Facebook, Twitter and other communities

Former US President Donald Trump was accused of inciting supporters to attack the Capitol on the eve of his departure from office, and was blocked by Facebook, Twitter and other major social media, causing all walks of Life to worry about the enormous power held by technology companies. Following the Australian parliament’s strong regulation of Facebook and Google to pay the news media, India also offered new rules to strictly control the mode of operation of social media platforms.

CNN reports that the Indian government announced on Thursday that it will impose new regulations on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, requiring the creation of three functions: a legal officer to ensure that companies comply with local regulations, an ombudsman to handle complaints from Indian users, and a liaison officer to be on call 24 hours a day to deal with Indian law enforcement agencies.

In addition, the Indian government requires social media platforms to submit monthly legal reports detailing the number of complaints received by officials and how they were handled. Posting content will also be regulated, including the removal of posts involving partial or full nudity, pornography and altered appearance.

According to the report, India will define the so-called large social media by the number of users and give them three months to comply with the new policy, while smaller social media platforms will have to comply immediately.