Cuomo’s bad luck, left-wing colleagues demand investigation into his sexual harassment

The left-wing group Time‘s Up and New York City Mayor Michael White spoke out Thursday, Feb. 25, calling for an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo himself has been under fire from fellow Democrats for recently concealing the number of deaths in elderly homes, and now he is being called upon by his colleagues on the left for an investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

New York Governor Cuomo’s former Deputy Secretary for Economic Development, Lindsey Boylan, has been under attack from fellow Democrats for the death toll at a senior citizen’s Home. Lindsey Boylan, who publicly accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her for years in December 2020, added many more details to the accusation earlier this week, leaving Cuomo in a lot of trouble.

Boylan, who began working under Cuomo in March 2015 and served for more than three years before resigning in September 2018 because she could no longer tolerate Cuomo’s sexual harassment.

The newly added details of the allegations include Cuomo’s public harassment of her and Cuomo’s many creepy behaviors, such as Cuomo “repeatedly touching her body, attempting to kiss her on the lips, inviting her to play strip poker, and openly treating her like prey.”

Boylan writes on her own webpage.

“After that, my fears intensified. I felt nauseous every day at work. After I started speaking up for myself, my relationship with his senior team – mainly women – became hostile. I was reprimanded by his senior aides and asked to align myself with him, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

“On Sept. 26, 2018, I sent an email informing (Cuomo’s) staff that I was resigning.

Cuomo’s governor’s office completely denied the allegations, and the leftist media ignored reporting the story.

Cuomo, however, is already under fire. He’s already facing harsh condemnation from the media and fellow Democrats for being anti-Trump, for putting all the virus-infected people in elderly homes during the 2020 Wuhan pneumonia virus pandemic in order to not use the treatment facilities provided by President Trump, and then for lying to the public about the number of deaths from the infection. Now there’s another credible sexual harassment allegation for him to deal with, and crucially, the trouble isn’t coming from political opponents or the opposition party.

To add insult to injury, news broke Thursday (Feb. 25) that the celebrity-driven Time’s Up group will not take the Biden sexual harassment allegations as lightly as they seem to be taking the Cuomo case seriously.

“The president and CEO of the Time’s Up Foundation, Tina Tchen, said that the organization will not take the sexual harassment allegations against Biden as lightly as they did. Allegations of inappropriate behavior in any workplace are deeply troubling and should be addressed,” said Tina Tchen, president and CEO of the Time’s Up Foundation.

“We call on the Cuomo administration to immediately conduct a full and independent investigation into these allegations.”

Notably, Time’s Up’s board of directors includes two longtime Cuomo fans, Ashley Judd, and John K. Koumey. Ashley Judd and Eva Longoria. Eva Longoria.

Cuomo’s fellow Democrat, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, is also on the board. The New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, and sexual assault activist, Rose McGowan, are among Cuomo’s fellow Democrats. Rose McGowan has also called for an investigation into Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations.

Whitehouse also said on Thursday (25): “Look, these allegations are really disturbing, let’s clarify. When a woman makes these kinds of very specific allegations, we have to take them seriously.”

In a statement to Fox News, McGowan said, “I fully support Lindsay B. Boylan. The truth of which flows from every word she wrote on the screen. She, and none of us, should have to endure what she endured.”

McGowan continued, “If they do this to her, what will they do to the voters? How will he (meaning Cuomo) treat people he thinks are lesser people? It’s horrible.”

Andrew Cuomo has not spoken out publicly on the issue. Cuomo has not publicly defended himself or made any comments on the matter, giving the impression that he may be in hiding and seemingly counting on his political allies to help, and gradually over time making a big deal out of it, just as Biden went through the sexual harassment allegations and eventually let it go.

It’s not clear where Cuomo’s bad luck is headed.