Trump Jr: Donald Trump “is still the future of the Republican Party”

Trump Jr. at a campaign rally in Orlando, Florida, in June 2019

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, said Trump remains the future of Republicans, decrying the party’s approach to “losing with dignity” in politics and saying it should continue to fight back.

Trump Jr. told Fox News on Thursday, Feb. 25, “If you see the status quo and are smart, then you realize Donald Trump is still the future of the Republican Party.”

He said Republicans supporting the 45th president are “following the America First agenda” to gain the support of “hard-working men and women in America,” those who have been displaced by illegals, those who have been drawn away from the Democratic Party, those who have been displaced by the Democratic Party, those who have been displaced by the Democratic Party. Voters who have been drawn away, those who have been blatantly ignored for decades, and Donald Trump has their support. “

Trump Jr. denounced the Republican establishment for offering no resistance and “no natural pushback” on the recent political pressure from the left. Republicans (the establishment) are not willing to do that. They’ve proven that for decades. I think they’d just rather lose. That’s not really the plan I would follow, but that’s what they’re doing. Donald Trump has proven that you don’t have to do that. You can actually fight back.”

He said the point of his talk has nothing to do with political manners, but rather that there is no “level playing field” for conservatives right now.

“At no other point in history …… There’s no other point in history where it’s controversial whether the leader of a country puts the people first,” Trump Jr. said of Trump’s “America First” policy, “so why is that the case now? How do the Democrats get away with putting America last instead of first?”

Trump Jr. will speak on the first day of the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which begins Friday, Feb. 26, in Orlando, Fla. Republicans who support the Trump Administration‘s agenda are rushing to the CPAC gathering in large numbers, including former Secretary of State Pompeo and other Trump administration officials who have been invited to attend. On the other hand, a number of lawmakers who support Trump’s impeachment, including Utah Senator Mitt Romney and Wyoming Congressman Liz Cheney, will be absent from the meeting.

U.S. media pointed out that the Republican establishment figure, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did not receive an invitation to CPAC because “he is likely to face an unfriendly audience”. Before that, McConnell was strongly criticized by Trump’s “former president’s office” for criticizing Trump’s approach to the presidential election protests.