Turkish Uyghurs Rally Against Communist “Genocide” Chinese Embassy Refuses to Receive 5,900 Concentration Camp Victims’ Documents

When Uighurs in Turkey protested in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul and prepared 5,900 case files on the concentration camps, the Chinese Embassy closed its doors and did not respond.

Uighurs in exile in Turkey have been gathering in front of the local Chinese embassy and consulate for more than a month to protest the “genocide” of Uighurs by the Chinese Communist authorities. The Chinese consulate in Istanbul had offered to convey the petition to Beijing and asked the rallyists to provide “information” about their missing relatives. But when the protesters compiled 5,900 case files, the Chinese embassy refused to receive them and cut off all communication channels. (By Wu Yitong/Cheng Wen)

Nearly 500 Uighurs and supporters in exile in Turkey continued to rally in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul on Friday to protest the Chinese Communist Party‘s “genocidal” policy against Uighurs. Protesters shouted slogans such as “Stop the genocide” and “Where is my Family” and held up photos of relatives detained in Xinjiang concentration camps or missing, urging the Chinese consulate to “explain the whereabouts of their relatives “The protest has been going on for more than a month. The protests have been going on for more than a month and have never been interrupted.

Rifaat, a Uighur living in Turkey, noted that the rallyists had collected 5,900 copies of the information requested by the embassy, but in the end, embassy officials were afraid to show up to receive it. He said that the nearly 6,000 lists are only the cases of Uyghurs and their families in Turkey, and that it can be deduced that millions of Uyghurs are being held in concentration camps.

It’s been more than a month since the demonstrations, and we want to know where our families are,” Rifat said. If you were convicted, what were the charges and what evidence was used to convict them? It’s good to know that. At that Time, the Chinese consulate also said, “If you need, we can help contact, you have to go through the proper channels”, but the Chinese consulate has not replied, as a turtle, simply do not show up. Just this part on tens of thousands of people, from here count the world, you multiply the following numbers and out we Uyghur people millions of people in the concentration of people, unquestionable.

One of the protesters, Abdurehman, told the station that every Uyghur protesting in front of the Chinese embassy or consulate has several to more than a dozen relatives held in concentration camps or prisons in Xinjiang, and some are even persecuted to death, and their stories bring tears to those who hear them. Their request is very simple: they want to hear the voices of their loved ones and know if they are still alive.

Abdureman said, “I just want to ask the Chinese government, if you hadn’t committed genocide and concentration camps, where would my elderly Parents be? If they are alive and happy, why can’t I hear their voices? Let my parents contact me, let me meet with them, let me talk to them on the phone, let my three children call their grandmother.

Abdureman also revealed that he had classmates at the University of Yemen who thought they would be spared persecution for themselves and their families if they obeyed the Chinese Communist authorities’ request to return to China, but those who returned to work there soon lost contact with the outside world. He also said that in 2017, China pressured Egypt and many Uighurs and Hui Muslims were repatriated. During that time, Abdurehman’s fellow countryman friend was taken away to prison by the police in Korla upon arrival at Urumqi airport, and authorities notified his family to collect his body in prison more than a month later.

Abdurehman said that they were particularly outraged to learn of the mass rape of Uyghur women in concentration camps, and that by coming forward in the relative safety of overseas, they were speaking out not only for their loved ones, but also for the entire persecuted nation. Abdureyman believes that the Chinese Communist authorities have unleashed a “genocide” on the Uighurs that is worse than the Nazi era in Germany.

Abdureman said: “Think about it, if it was your sister, or your sister, or your daughter, or your mother who was raped centrally, how do you feel about it? The Chinese government is committing a worse, more gruesome genocide than the one Hitler did, and they just want to wipe us Uyghurs out of the world.

Abdureman moved to Turkey in 2015, and he is currently the father of three children. His second brother was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2017; his parents were also imprisoned in concentration camps in 2018 and other relatives have been lost. Abdureman has called on democratic countries to put pressure on China and to send independent investigative missions and media in to uncover the lies of the Chinese Communist Party.

Abdureyman’s second brother, a former imam who was awarded the title of “patriotic religious figure,” was arrested in 2017 and sentenced to 20 years in prison without any legal process by the Chinese Communist Party, and he demanded that the authorities disclose the whereabouts of his parents and relatives. (Courtesy of protesters)

Several calls to the Chinese Embassy in Turkey and the Consulate General in Istanbul went unanswered. The protesters said they were also unable to get through, suspecting that the embassy had set up the phone. The Chinese embassy and consulate in Turkey also did not reply to our email inquiries.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin accused Human Rights Watch of being “biased and spreading falsehoods” on China-related issues at a press conference on Thursday, and reiterated that “no Xinjiang residents have been detained because of their beliefs. The press conference on Thursday accused Human Rights Watch of being “biased and spreading falsehoods” on China-related issues, and reiterated that “no one from Xinjiang has been detained for their faith.