Aerial photography of Taiwan at night Japanese astronauts: magnificent as a dream

Japanese astronaut Satoshi Noguchi recently published photos of Taiwan‘s night scenery again. He praised the magnificent and fantastic night view of Taiwan. (Taken from Satoshi Noguchi’s Twitter)

Noguchi Satoichi tweeted on Tuesday (February 23) a photo of the night view of Taiwan from above, the outline of Taiwan is still clearly visible in the night sky, the western half and the eastern coast of a brilliant lights, the left side can also see Hong Kong. Such a magnificent night view made Satoshi Noguchi marvel at it.

Majestic#Taiwan night.#HongKong is also in view. #HongKong is also in view.

  • NOGUCHI, Soichi Noguchi Satoshi-(のぐちそういち)(@Astro_Soichi) February23,2021

Satoshi Noguchi, 55, currently shares daily photos and messages about the world from the International Space Station, and has recently shared several views of Taiwan from high above. Last Friday (Feb. 19) he shared an aerial photo of southern Taiwan, noting that it was the city of Tainan. Many netizens said that the photo was beautiful. Some netizens said that Tainan was just covered by clouds, but the sky was clear in the central, Gaoping and Huadong areas, and the Tushui River and five major mountain ranges were clearly visible.

Tainan city #Taiwan Tainan city,#Taiwan island

  • NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口聡-(のぐちそういち) (@Astro_Soichi) February 19,2021

In response, Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe made a special trip to Noguchi Satoshi’s Twitter feed to leave a message, “Thank you Noguchi for taking beautiful pictures of Tainan at night, the outer space shots should also want to come, Mayor Huang Weizhe and citizens are welcome in Tainan.”

The Kaohsiung city government also tweeted to thank Satoshi Noguchi for taking such beautiful photos of Taiwan, and at the same Time, in the name of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai, invited Satoshi Noguchi to come to Kaohsiung, which has good mountains and water, for a visit after the Epidemic.

Tainan city #Taiwan Tainan city,#Taiwan island

  • NOGUCHI, Soichi Noguchi Satoshi-(のぐちそういち) (@Astro_Soichi) February 19,2021

On January 23, Noguchi shared a beautiful sunset photo of Taiwan surrounded by clouds taken from the International Space Station, leaving the text “Taiwan with the sunset reflecting the sea of clouds” and the hashtags #Taiwan and #taiwan.

Tainan city #Taiwan Tainan city,#Taiwan island

  • NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口聡-(のぐちそういち) (@Astro_Soichi) February 19,2021

On December 4 last year, he shared a photo of “Kaohsiung and Tainan at night”, where only Kaohsiung and Tainan were seen shining in the darkness of the whole Taiwan. In his tweet, Satoshi Noguchi first wrote in English, “Taiwan is cloudy tonight, this is the best photo I could take.” Then in Japanese, he said, “Everyone in Taiwan, sorry it’s not a good photo, this is the night view of Kaohsiung and Tainan.”

Taiwan is cloudy tonight- this is the best I got.#Taiwanの皆さん、いいい写真じゃなくてごめんなさい! #Kaohsiung and #Tainan at night.

  • NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口聡-(のぐちそういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 4,2020

Republic of China President Tsai Ing-wen retweeted the photo on Twitter and wrote in Japanese, “Mr. Noguchi, Taiwan shines just as brightly as seen from space. Thank you so much for the photo, and please do come to Taiwan after this space mission. The people of Taiwan look just as bright from Earth.”