Oxford New Crown Lab hacked! Government Emergency Investigation

The British newspaper “Mirror” and the Russian news agency “TASS” reported that the network security company Hold Security found that Hackers from an unknown organization entered the computer system of Oxford University on Feb. 13 and 14, respectively. The company said that the company’s computer system was compromised, which poses a risk of theft of research data and the possibility of damage to the research if the hackers are able to modify the data.

The laboratory that was compromised was not the laboratory where the new crown vaccine was studied, so the clinical research was not affected. This is a schematic diagram, not related to this news. (schematic diagram / taken from free gallery Pixabay)

The University of Surrey’s cyber security expert Alan Woodward speculated that the purpose of the hackers was to “search for data” because they had “low motivation to disrupt research. “. There are also concerns that the hackers’ aim this Time was to obtain research secrets and sell them, but the possibility that the hackers came from a hostile foreign power cannot be ruled out.

A spokesman for the University of Oxford noted that they took control of the situation immediately after discovering the computer system had been hacked and contacted GCHQ, who are currently working with NCSC to investigate the hack. The university also said that the hacked Strubi laboratory (Strubi) is not the Jenner Institute, which is working with AstraZeneca to develop the new crown vaccine, so the hack “did not affect any clinical research “.