Poverty eradication a miracle on earth? Experts: Xi Jinping builds momentum for re-election to 20th Congress

Xi Jinping declared that the battle against poverty creates a miracle on earth.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) held a national summing-up and commendation conference on the 25th to honor relevant individuals and enterprises. Xi Jinping declared that the battle against poverty has created a miracle on earth. In this regard, experts believe that this is Xi’s campaign for his re-election in the 20th National Congress.

On February 25, the Communist Party of China (CPC) top brass held a “National Poverty Eradication Conference” at the Great Hall in Beijing. Xi presented awards to the winners and said in his speech that the Communist Party had achieved a comprehensive victory in poverty eradication, creating what he called a “miracle on earth.

Xi recalled his so-called achievements in poverty alleviation during his eight years in power. On average, more than 10 million people have been lifted out of poverty each year, equivalent to the population of a medium-sized country. All 98.99 million rural poor people have been lifted out of poverty under the current standards, all 832 poor counties have been removed from the list, regional overall poverty has been solved, and the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty has been accomplished.

Xi Jinping also said that in the past eight years, he has hosted seven central symposiums on poverty alleviation, more than 50 research work on poverty alleviation, traveled to 14 concentrated contiguous special hardship areas, insisting on seeing the real poverty, insisting on understanding the actual situation of real poverty alleviation, help real poverty, get rid of real poverty.

Xi Jinping also made a rare disclosure that 1,800 people died in the process of poverty alleviation, and said he “will not forget” those who died in the line of duty.

The scholar: Xi Jinping to build momentum for the 20th re-election

Xi Jinping’s high-profile boast about his so-called success in fighting poverty has multiple implications, according to an analysis by political scholars cited by Apple Daily.

Internationally, the CCP has been condemned for its human rights problems in Hong Kong and Xinjiang in recent years. Claiming to have eradicated poverty across the board will allow Xi to show internationally that the CCP can lead its people to meet the UN’s poverty eradication target, and to counteract international condemnation of China’s human rights problems.

Domestically, Xi can declare that he has led the people out of poverty during his eight years in office, which can create a public opinion and show the CCP that he is capable of being re-elected at the 20th National Congress and taking the next step to lead China into a moderately prosperous society.

Current affairs commentator Lin He Li also believes that Xi is holding a commendation conference at this Time to emphasize the victory over poverty under his leadership, and will continue to trumpet this supposedly important political achievement to establish his place in history and get the party voices to support his re-election at the 20th National Congress.

Veteran current affairs commentator Liu Rishao also believes that Xi is building prestige and Gold for his governance with the aim of building a base for re-election at the 20th National Congress in 2022.

Jiangxi Citizen: Total Poverty Eradication Becomes a Cosmic Joke

However, Liu Ruishao also reminded that the CCP’s so-called poverty eradication is a fake poverty eradication. He said that Xi Jinping set 2020 as the closing year of poverty eradication, that is, officials must do, the official standard of poverty eradication has been adjusted downward, and now the poverty line is set at a daily income of not less than about 8.81 yuan (RMB, the same below), naturally can do 100 million people out of poverty achievement.

He also reminded that in reality, about 1 billion people in China earn less than 2,000 yuan a month, and 600 million of them earn less than 1,000 yuan a month, so even if the current per capita GDP exceeds 10,000 yuan, poverty is still widespread, and Chinese people are not really rich across the board.

Radio Free Asia reports that there is still a huge gap between China’s poverty standards and international standards. The World Bank’s 2018 poverty line for upper-middle-income countries such as China is $5.50 per person per day.

It is true that the average annual disposable income of China’s rural residents has grown significantly in recent years, but it is wrong to interpret this growth as a way to lift Chinese people out of poverty, because prices in China are soaring and residents are actually getting poorer when their income growth fails to outpace Inflation, said Commander, a finance scholar who graduated from Shandong University.

Beijing-based current affairs analyst Hua Po also said, “There is a big question mark over whether the data on the CCP’s so-called “poverty eradication” is true. In the history of the Chinese Communist Party, such things have been seen time and again, such as the “pomp and circumstance” of producing 10,000 jin per mu, and how many farmers died of starvation? Now there is another “pompous wind”?

He said, just from the data, how did China get out of poverty? Your poverty standard is too low! It’s just enough to fill your stomach, and in today’s civilized society, that’s a pitiful standard!

After the Chinese Communist Party declared full-scale last year, Mr. Liang, who was a relief volunteer in Daliang Mountain, said that many local people were even poorer, and some families could not eat a few meals of rice a year, and children had never taken a bath even when they were seven or eight years old, and they had never seen toilet paper.

Jiujiang in Jiangxi is far from a backward region, and local citizen Mr. Li also said that in their city, the difficulties of some people at the bottom have intensified, and the official declaration of national poverty eradication is basically a self-deception, which is a cosmic-level joke, and some families can only barely be able to maintain subsistence.

Mr. Yue, a former official in Henan, said that the comprehensive poverty eradication and running . It is the lie of the Communist Party for decades.

He said, like inside the mountains of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, the people have little resources, it is difficult to eat, and say the northwest, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Qinghai, how many poor people ah? There are still many people living in kilns on the northwest plateau, and it is difficult to eat and drink water, so how can these people get out of poverty? The so-called poverty alleviation is only the official self-talk.