Jaw dropping! Shanghai’s “sky-high” life: the 23 most expensive things

Many people say

The cost of living in Shanghai is very high

But do you know what the 23 most expensive things in Shanghai are?

Here’s a look at the “sky-high” cost of living in Shanghai


The most expensive villa in the city

Shanghai Ziyuan – Bund Impression 1 billion per building

In fact, back in 2004

Shanghai Ziyuan launched a sensational $130 million villa

Now they have set a new record again

1,000,000,000 yuan per villa, do you want to buy it?

What is the concept of 1 billion yuan?

If you earn 5000 a month, you need to work without eating or drinking for 1667 years

A high income of 1 million yuan a year, you also need to work for 1000 years

That means you need to work from the Northern Song Dynasty

Work all the way to the present

The most expensive neighborhood in the city

Tangchen Yipin 180,000 yuan/m2

This property needs no introduction

After all, if you can own one of the suites

You will be able to be neighbors with Guo Jingming, Xiao S, Huang Yi

But you may not be able to buy it even if you have money

After all, there are only 4 buildings in the whole district

Carefully counted the zeroes

Erha doesn’t even have the money to buy a square meter!

The most expensive apartment in the city

Huangpu Bay No.1 380,000/㎡

Do not doubt!

It’s really 380,000 per square meter!

This price can buy a whole set of houses in second and third-tier cities

Shanghai’s housing prices are really not two ha can climb high

The most expensive rental house in the city

Sinan Road house 200,000 yuan / month

You have to say that since I do not buy a house, then rent it

200,000 / month of the old house you know?

The people who live in it are the ones who have mines, right?

How much money can you earn a month to afford to rent such a house ah!

Two ha real envy

The most expensive hotel

Mandarin Oriental Hotel 160,000 yuan / night

Above 200,000 at least can live for a month

But the largest presidential suite at Mandarin Oriental, Pudong, Shanghai

160,000 for one night!

Are we really living in the same Shanghai?


The most expensive kindergarten

Wellington Bilingual Child Care Center from 180,000/year

No poorer than education

Let your child win at the starting line

However, this price makes people shudder

From $180,000 a year

Come on, Parents!

The most expensive elementary school

Pao Yugang Experimental School 150,000 yuan/year

Kindergarten is so expensive

Elementary schools are no exception

The price of 150,000 yuan a year is also breathtaking

After all, elementary school is 6 years!

But Pao Yugang Experimental School also includes middle and high school

Elementary school and high school down

I feel the pain ah ah ah ah

The most expensive schools

Wellington International School in Shanghai 200-250,000/year

Do not look at this school tuition expensive

But even if you have money, you may not be able to get into

They do not accept children from the mainland

Only foreign students aged 2 to 18, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

It is said to be an aristocratic education from childhood

Why is the difference between people so big?


The most expensive restaurant

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet per capita: RMB 4,900

The name of this restaurant translates as.

The world’s first sensory restaurant

Diners can only book three months in advance through the website to get a number

Only ten customers a day

If you’ve been there, tell me!

How is it?

The most expensive Japanese food

3,416 yuan per person for the empty cicada kaiseki cuisine

The price of the set menu of “empty cicada” varies from 1880 to 4880 yuan per person

Casually eat a meal of tens of thousands of dollars easily

The most expensive cuisine in the sky

Pudong Shangri-La Hotel RMB 8888 per person

That’s the legendary

The entire table is suspended by a crane to a height of 50 meters above the ground

Can accommodate 22 customers at a Time

Caution for those who are afraid of heights!

The most expensive breakfast

The Westin Shanghai 5000 RMB 15% service charge

I did not think that a breakfast for rich people

It costs me a month’s salary

It is said that the ingredients of this champagne breakfast are from all over the world

You can taste all the flavors of the world in one go

The most expensive Xiao Long Bao

Din Tai Fung $58/10pcs from 15% service charge

We’ve all eaten xiaolongbao

But the most expensive small dumplings have you ever eaten?

One is nearly 6 dollars

There is also a 15% service charge

The most expensive bowl of noodles

Crab Court 888 yuan/bowl

Crab lovers must go to the Crab Court!

This up to 888 yuan / copy of the “Crab Zun Jumbo”

A whole set of 50 hairy crabs to be dismantled

All peeled for you, full of happiness ~

Two ha although not to afford to eat

But if you want to eat it will still hurt a little


The most expensive luxury car

Lykan Lykan HyperSport 60 million

Lykan is limited to 7 units worldwide, and only 2 units are available in China

One of them is in Shanghai, and it has already been sold!

I don’t know if the tycoons who bought the car

Is there a shortage of poor and unseen friends

The most expensive license plate

Shanghai A88888 license plate valuation: 5299550 yuan

We all know that Shanghai license plate is difficult to shoot and very expensive

But I did not expect the most expensive fast to more than five million!

Although this number is really auspicious

But the price of the two ha look not to speak

The most expensive yellow plate car

Shanghai B55555 15 million

Shanghai B55555 yellow plate car is not an ordinary Maybach

It is a Maybach Zeppelin

The car has “ZEPPELIN” logo all over the car

The starting price is 12.98 million, and the landing price is over 15 million

Well, it’s good to be rich

The most expensive parking lot

Shanghai Peninsula Hotel 60 RMB/hour

A netizen because of a buffet voucher

So in the Peninsula Hotel

A total of four hours of parking

When he came out after dinner, he was dumbfounded…

You may not know it yet

The parking fee at the Peninsula on the Bund is

60 yuan per hour

What a money grab?

Poverty is really limiting my imagination

It was previously charged at 80 RMB/hour

Now it’s 60 RMB/hour

The price has been reduced.


The most expensive moon child center

200,000/30 days at Yuezi Ge Moonchild Center

Having a baby is the most important thing

The most expensive moon child center is naturally very expensive

The whole process is according to the seven-star hotel management standard

It’s the only one in Shanghai that has a health care facility inside

The rich are so extravagant even when giving birth!

The most expensive attraction tickets

Shanghai disney high season holiday ticket price: 665 yuan

Shanghai Disney tickets are priced according to

off-season peak season weekdays and holidays

If you go during the peak season holidays

such as the Spring Festival and National Day

Then congratulations! You will receive the most expensive ticket in Shanghai at 665 RMB per person

The most expensive toilet

Sheshan Yuanyuan Yuan scenic area in the stalactite cave cost 5 million

Materials are mainly imported from Europe

The area is 1500 square meters

The modeling environment is very chic

The most expensive vegetable market

The most expensive vegetable market in Shanghai is located in the inner ring of Pudong

Intersection of Boshan Road and Lushan Road

Total area of more than 3000, surrounded by more than 100,000 square meters of luxury housing

But 6 months after the design was revealed, there is no movement

The most expensive cigarettes

Gift box Panda Classic Edition 6000 yuan

Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Company production

All raw materials are taken from domestic and foreign high-quality top quality tobacco leaves

Said to be the world’s best quality cigarettes

If you have this collector’s edition, it’s really something!

It’s good to have money!