Germany: widespread neo-crown vaccination by next autumn crucial for return to normalcy

BioNTech, the German company that developed the neo-crown vaccine, which is thought to be up to 90 percent effective, under US Pfizer funding, says mass vaccination of the population by next autumn is vital to get life back to the normal path it was on before the neo-crown epidemic ravaged the world.

BioNTech’s founder and CEO, Turkish-born scientific researcher Ugur Sahin, told the BBC on Sunday, November 15, that there is hope that the world can get back on track by next winter with the help of the vaccine, but the most crucial part of the process is to vaccinate the population at a high rate before the fall of 2021.

If everything continues as normal, we will start distributing the vaccine from the end of this year, and our goal is to distribute more than 300 million doses of vaccine by April next year, which will allow the fight against the new coronavirus to show significant results,” said Sain. Saine also pointed out that “next summer is the most important period in the fight against the virus, because in the summer itself, the infection rate decreases, and it is crucial to get the population vaccinated at a high rate before next fall and winter”. He concluded by saying that “next year, we have hope for a normal winter”.

While the EU is expanding the new coronavirus vaccine option to increase the chances of an early unsealing, a number of governments, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy, are being very cautious about changes to their foot-limit policies. On Sunday, German Economy Minister Altmeyer said that “Germany’s restrictive measures will continue for at least another four to five months”. The German government also released a short video, in which the German people were urged to spend the winter on the sofa at home, to become “heroes in the fight against the virus”. In France, Prime Minister Carstairs also said that “we need to live with the virus for a long time”.