3 black swans are more worrying than the technology industry shortage crisis

This year’s black swans are technology wars, new crown Variant viruses, and intensifying climate change, according to HAI Ying-chun, chairman of DDT. (Photo for this publication)

While the shortage of materials in the technology industry has not been solved, Delta’s Chairman Hai Ying-jun said, “We may be the last manufacturer to be affected.” More than the lack of materials, he is worried about the black swans affecting operations this year, including the technology war, the new crown Variant virus, and climate change.

Delta today (25) held a legal conference, Hai Yingjun opened his mouth and pointed directly to the United States Texas climate problems. “No one expected the hot Texas to become minus 20 degrees and become an energy state with no water, no electricity and no gas. No country can escape from climate problems like the Texas region. Taiwan had no typhoon last year, and the lack of rain and water may make Taitung, which has no reservoir, go into fallow.”

Hai Yingjun forecasts that Delta aims to “carbon price”, observes how much energy each product consumes, and invests in corporate energy-saving and carbon-reduction efforts, such as building alternative energy sources, improving air conditioning, air conditioning or lighting, and also planning internal emergency power generation equipment.

“There are still many black swans this year, the U.S.-China trade war seems to have come to an end, but the technology war has started again; now the new crown Epidemic seems to be under control, but we know too little about the virus, the most fearful virus from the original fear of heat into a virus that can adapt to high temperatures, no one knows how the variant virus will develop next.”

At present, it seems that Delta is relatively optimistic about the shortage of materials. “Last year our urgent orders are not fallen, due to the long-term maintenance of a stable relationship with the main suppliers, shortage of materials still priority supply Delta, raw materials are more stable than other competitors.” Hai Yingjun laughed and said, “If the shortage of materials continues, Delta is likely to be the last to be affected by the manufacturer.”