We can’t take advantage of the people’s support for Trump.

At noon on November 14, the Stop the Steal march was held in the U.S. capital, where about 500,000 people marched from Liberty Square in Washington, DC, all the way to the Supreme Court to show their support for President Trump and to protest election fraud. Large numbers of people rallied simultaneously in multiple cities in multiple states to deliver the same demands.

The video shows the Washington rally site crowded, full of stars and stripes, “stop stealing the election”, “Trump 2020” banner and slogans, “we love Trump”, “we love Trump”. There were chants of “four more years” and “USA”. Some reporters believe it was the largest protest since Martin Luther King spoke at Liberty Plaza in 1963.

Before the march began, President Donald Trump’s motorcade drove out of the White House and circled Liberty Square for a week, with the president smiling to supporters in the car and giving a thumbs-up greeting. Excited crowds cheered and poured into the motorcade from everywhere, with many running after the president’s car.

Such a grand and peaceful parade scene was presented to the world and sparked heated debate.

American netizens commented, “This is the difference between winning the hearts and minds of the people and winning the electronic option”, “I think we all know who the president is” and “I have never seen any politician embraced like this in my life. “

Others said, “There was no looting, no burning, no businesses smashed ……” “(The march) was passionate, shocking, and full of love for our President Trump.”

The event was broadcast live by the Chronicle and New Tangent, with interviews in Washington DC, Atlanta, and Phoenix.

At the home rally in Washington, D.C., one man said, “As Americans, we have a responsibility to stand up for President Trump, just as he stood up for the American people.”

Another man said, “The media has done a lot of bad things to the president, and it’s terrible. That being said, we are now turning to new news outlets like NTD (New Tangent), Epoch (Epoch), Newsmax, and OAN. people are getting rid of media crap, people are leaving Fox, I’ve left CNN and other media outlets.”

A black woman said she collected 1,500 signatures from black voters in support of Trump, “He’s not a racist.”

A Chinese woman from Seattle said she and many of her friends traveled to DC from different cities to spend their own money and energy to support President Trump and stop the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of American society, including the Chinese community.

In Atlanta, one woman told New Times, “We not only want to fix the election, but also for all the people who gave their lives to defend the voting rights and privileges of Americans. If the right to vote is abused, or illegally stolen, the fairness of the election loses importance.”

On the Internet, netizens in China, the United Kingdom and Australia also spoke out in support of President Trump. One Chinese message read: “Trump gave up his comfortable life of wealth for the people and ran for president to protect the American people and make America great again. Press conferences every day during the epidemic, 74 years old, working about 20 hours a day. Make a great president and there will be enough trials and tribulations. The more you fight, the more courage you have, Trump, the righteous people of the world love you!”

In this election, President Trump received at least 72 million votes, more than any other President in history, and he received the most minority votes of any Republican candidate in 60 years.

However, there is overwhelming evidence that this U.S. election was systematically and premeditatedly corrupted by fraud. It has been revealed that an estimated millions of ballots cast for President Trump have been tampered with, and a large number of other illegitimate ballots have been mixed in with legitimate ballots. The Democrat left colluded with multiple media outlets to blatantly undermine the legal process by relying on fraud to steal the election when President Trump was the clear winner. The left then portrayed the lawsuit by the Trump team and the protests by supporters as an “unacceptable loss” and an “undermining of the democratic system”. The left media covered up thousands of reports while calling the allegations of fraud “unsubstantiated”.

Therefore, this election is no longer a partisan and political dispute, but a battle between truth and lies, between justice and evil.

Listening to the voices of Trump’s supporters, you will feel a valuable and strong conviction that this guiding principle is the real driving force behind the morality of our society, making life better and our country stronger.

Over the weekend, Nevada voter Liz Skogerson spoke to reporters about the importance of faith. President Trump, she said, “has a strong faith in God, and he has become the centerpiece of American values and has made people feel that their lives are worth living. He resurrected patriots and gave us the courage to speak out about our faith in God in our daily lives, and that’s the most important thing.”

On Nov. 14, President Trump delivered a message in celebration of the Day of Lights, saying, “America is a nation rooted in faith, and I am proud that my administration defends the constitutional right of all Americans to live and worship in good conscience. Wherever Americans light the diyas (oil lamps) and celebrate the Festival of Lights, our nation will shine as a beacon of religious freedom for all.”

The election was stormy. At this time, righteous people are standing with President Trump to preserve the fairness and solemnity of the election and to pursue the truth.