Let’s make another VIP.

Ms. Han, who lives in Beijing, has two accounts on an e-commerce platform, a VIP account and a regular account, which she uses on two phones. In October this year, Ms. Han was shopping online and saw a product that showed a price of 122 yuan on the VIP account’s phone.

Ms. Han, who wanted to use the other phone to pay the bill, found that the phone, which was logged into the regular account, showed the same item from the same store at a price higher than the VIP account.

Twenty-five bucks cheaper.

This isn’t the same platform that if you’re a brother, cut me a break, is it? Ms. Han took a closer look and found an additional coupon for a full discount on her regular account. Interestingly, both the platform and the merchant, never said they would send a coupon.

With 12 years of this e-commerce platform, cumulative consumption of 560 pen, spent a total of nearly 260,000 Ms. Han, angry.

A hundred pieces of merchandise, the price hit a quarter, such a good thing, alarmed the CCTV. The CCTV report was very generous in not naming the e-commerce company, but Naiwu could see at once.

Isn’t that the BOE?

The leaders have long said that the Chinese people are already organized and cannot be provoked. It would be bad to mess with them. The friends who spend hundreds of dollars every year to charge a membership to Big Keiko are probably all CCTV viewers, and people post the VIP account being screwed everywhere.

You’re late, but Jingdong is a company that has a kill feature post on the knowledge, much more vivid than this wave of examples. In front of one piece of evidence, the esteemed VIPs felt the intellectual insult of.

Experts say that Jingdong is killing big data, and imply that Jingdong’s big data institute is just not pure purpose. A friend of Jingdong explained to Naiwu that the situation in the diagram is a parameter setting error.

It could be a bug.

The fuss can be categorized into three types, the first being the coupon design.

The first kind of fuss is in the coupon design. Take a certain sanitary napkin as an example. According to Jingdong, a product with a VIP price of RMB 69.9 can enjoy a 5% discount, and the discounted price is RMB 66.

However, when Naiwu logged in with an ordinary user ready to buy, she found that she could use a complimentary coupon of RMB69 minus 15.

The discounted total is $54.

Similar price designs exist on Jingdong for everything from thermal underwear to home furnishings. Just ask if you’re pleasantly surprised, surprised or not?

The second is the difference between the old and new accounts that Ms. Han encountered. A friend at Jingdong told Naiwu that in order to pull in new customers, they do give out discounts to certain users. For example, students, new users, first time buyers, etc. Of course, just like the blind box, if you don’t try a few times, you’ll never know.

Of course, as with the blind box, if you don’t try a few times, you’ll never know where the limited edition is.

The third method is even more interesting. Naiwu was told by a friend of Jingdong that they will offer separate discounts to those who have added items to their shopping cart, but are late in paying for them.

Naiwu will translate this for you. If you are a proud and rampant customer who never sees a single purchase, congratulations.

It’s expensive to buy.

Those who have a long time to benefit, those who have a short time are cut the leeks, is the BOE programmer to the people who don’t know what to do with the wife and beauty?

Of course, jingdong PLUS membership is still useful. For example, the monitor produced by a manufacturer, Jingdong kindly hinted Naiwu, the opening of membership can reduce 39 yuan.

After Naiwu spent 99 yuan to open it, she discovered that the so-called 39 yuan reduction was actually a 30 yuan coupon plus 9 yuan of points. This coupon must be used within 2 days and expires after 2 days. Moreover, if you buy the product for the second time in a few days, your Jingdong PLUS membership will be useless.

Big Keiko of 12 years was interviewed and spoke eloquently for over an hour, mentioning 72 times consumers. The reporter on the scene helped him count the average of 1.2 times per minute. He also said.

The really smart ones are the consumers.

Don’t praise us, we’ll definitely support it next time.